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About Pamela Wildheart & The Music

My music is for you… who understands that music has no walls, no gender, no age & no shape. My music is a voice from my heart."

"Music will always be my first love. Music brought me to this part of the world. I love the guitar. I grew up composing music with my guitars. I have hundreds, maybe thousand songs written. I have recorded parts and bits of my songs for commercial purposes just to please clients and earn a living. I have written them with so less effort it became apparent to me that it is easy to write music, or so I thought…

Photo by Ms Pauline Lazaro at
el toro Restro Bar Concert

Photo by Rommel Quiachon at DXO@Esplanade Concert

I often wondered what inspires me in my music. Passion inspires people. It triggers the creative soul within me. I will always be a true blue performer. Earlier in my career, I sang in churches, school shows, my dad's radio shows, Cebu TV shows, school contests and everywhere. While my parents continuously reminded me of the importance of academic education, I never forgot my music.

My dad, my hero, gave me my first guitar. He loves the Cebuano classic love songs like Matud Nila and Usahay. My mom usually sings us all to sleep, till now given the chance.

Years later, after performing in many countries and getting immersed in the media, corporate, leisure and education industry, I almost forgot my music…

But there is a path for everyone and music is something that is in my soul. I may have forgotten it for awhile, but it's always there for me to pick up the pieces...

Influences and Music Today…

Most of our original sound is lost with recording and marketing labels which decides your image, direction, style, look, sound and even your music preferences and attitude. While this is helpful and may provide opportunities for those who wish to have a meteoric rise to fame, we need originality, honesty and integrity in our own sound.

Photo by Steve Nge, courtesy of
el toro Restro Bar

Photo by Rommel Quiachon at DXO@ Esplanade Concert

Every artiste should understand why he/she needs to be a songwriter. To sing every other song is a great chance to do justice to an art piece, but to create and express your pain, love, fears and insecurities in your own music, producing your original style and sound are probably the ultimate blessings of being a true musician.

Without original artistes, what music is really new? Tough it may be, the motivation must be there to pursue and continue this tremendous challenge of producing your own sound because everyone has a story to tell. If you will only listen…

Wild & Wicked –the Pamela Wildheart debut album
Comments & Claps

The Pilapil music is rock but with a heart. You can feel Pamela the performer in every nuance of the lyrics, in every beat of the tune. Her compositions are what I consider materials for pop music as they are easy to follow, therefore easy to remember. Her music is catchy, making me groove along despite myself. Even as a young folksinger in Shakey's in the 80s, I already saw the great potential in the Pamela magic. This is the validation of that long ago prediction I made.
- Marlinda Angbetic Tan, journalist, television personality & theatre actress

The album exudes the brilliance of Pamela Wildheart's excitement for life. Songs just jumps out from her CD, it's magical to hear the album as if the performance is just right across the room. I have no doubt a star is born. Pamela, we wish you all the best and cheers to more hit songs in the near future.
- Amy Sol Ignacio, Product Specialist, Island Bamboo, Inc.,

You are the best Pamela Wildheart !!! Will always watch your concerts and will always support your music!!! Love your album...
- Annette Heppolette, President, FLAG (Filipino Ladies Group Singapore) and Nail Specialist & Owner, The Nailhouse

Celso Pepito

It took me a lot of years before having the privilege of hearing your kind of music again via my unprecedented travel in Singapore last November. Though I already have the inkling of how talented you are in the field of music and entertainment, I was still in an awe and amazement the way you have given life to every song that you have rendered in your WILD and WICKED album. Your kind of music did not only make me proud as a Cebuano but also enhanced my being a Filipino! Congratulations! May you continue to shine and keeps us proud of being Filipinos!
- Celso Pepito, artiste and specialist in Impressionist and Cubism techniques and inspiration

I fell in love with the PAMELA WILDHEART music long before I did her personality. She remains true to her style. As an artiste she is untamed and raw, as a songwriter- forceful, intelligent, powerful and rare. Hard to define, but forever true to her original music! Uncorrupted and persistent to her music ideals! Not easy to find today.
- Clifford Khoo, Pergo (Singapore and Asia Pacific Exports), Pergo Europe

Pamela - an entertainer who's got the wildest heart of all... when she sings, people get inspired, when she hosts, people are entertained. The magnetic style you give your audience makes them chorus MORE MORE MORE...and they love you ever as an entertainer. Pamela D' Great!
- Connie Kramzer, Senior Guest Relations Officer, Jet Quay Pte Ltd, CIP Terminal, Singapore

I like your album cover. Very nice. About the music arrangement, it's good as it has a mix pop with rock. Hope u will launch another album Pam. U go girl....
- Deejay Zack, Deejay & Sound Specialist, Sound-vox productions

"What I love most about Wild & Wicked are the Tagalog songs, especially Pinay and Tunay. Although I don't understand the language, the way Pamela sung them - from her heart, strong and deep - the songs transcended (foreign) words, and you just KNOW what they mean. I can't wait for Pamela to come up with a Tagalog album. That would be such a blast to listen to!"
- Desirene Ho, National Museum of Singapore

I really enjoyed your compositions. Your songs were fun to listen to...even my 5 yr old daughter danced to Shivers Down My Spine. Good job Pam.  I am excited to get hold of your CD.  Take care always!
- Dinah Katindig, Travel Consultant

"Kudos to Pamela! This album is truly a very innovative piece of work. The songs not only speak of Pamela's fun and loving personality, it also has a good mix of songs that appeal to a wide audience. Can't wait for the 2nd album."
- Frankie Yee, Adjunct lecturer, Murdoch University and James Cook University, Australia

The songs are simply awesome ... her rendition of Anak has lots of soul! ...
- Fred Eng, Business Group Director of Dentsu Singapore

Soulful & deep are her lyrics, powerful & rich is her voice. The flamboyant yet romantic Ms Wildheart is a wonderful contradiction whose music will blow you away...
- Gerri Goh, PR & Marketing Specialist

Livewire, energetic and original! The song ANAK is rejuvenated. What a great remake! Mother Nature has so much soul, very well done. Great Album!
- George Koshy, Branding & Promotions, (Purchasing) New Port Duty Free Pte Ltd

The music has a pulse of its own! It has so much feelings, originality and energy. It keeps me up. Impressive!
- Ivan Joseph, International Performing Artiste, Composer and Music Arranger

Wild & Wicked- The aroma of the songs whisked into my sense of smell like a newly baked orange chiffon cake..fresh and orangey...a taste that gives you excitement and anticipation for the orange peel...there's something about it that will leave you still craving for more....a truly enriching eaten in the morning and before going to sleep..))
-JD Codina, Restaurateur and Entrepreneur

Shivers Down My Spine is truly an amazing display of the adaptability of Pamela in the music world. She has managed to capture a convincing rock & romance while reinvented the album with classic and originals that is simply rockalicious. el toro loves Pamela!
- Jeremy Goh, Owner, el toro restro bar, Singapore

Shivers Down My Spine sounds like a Cyndi Lauper hit.... u must go global with it. Mother Nature is soulful and inspiring, a very refreshing pop/rock version of the classic ANAK. Pinay, (though I dont know Tagalog), is very catchy and easy listening.  Full of conviction in the singing style. Wow! U can carry any tune, from rock to soul and funk. Very versatile singer! Love it! Keep it up, Go International! What are you waitin for?
- John Chan, Recording Artiste, Entertainer Extraordinaire, Show Pianist & Musician

"Great album indeed! Pleasant and nice songs from Pamela Wildheart, with a remake of the popular Philipine song-Anak!"
-Kenray Tan, Edith Cowan University student and Founder, Intercept Associates

Thanks for your beautiful voice, beautiful music... I am your #1 Fan.
-Linda Rufo, Art Instructor & Owner, artview6282studio

Pamela, you are a genius star! A brilliant songwriter and a good composer. You inspired all of us with your beautiful songs and your lovely unique voice. I am sure your musical talent, combined with tremendous enthusiasm and determination will lead you to further success in your musical endeavours! Keep it up!
- Ling Amandi Barraclough, Businesswoman and Entrepreneur

Listening to the music the first time got me excited. It was very true and pure sound, full of optimism. The songs are simply yet significantly written. Especially Pinay, Pinay sa Singapore and Anak. Very cheerful and made me so proud of being a Filipina myself! Great Music! Very energetic and vibrant, just like Pamela Wildheart!
- Luzvimin Mesenas, general manager OFW Pinoy Star Magazine

Shivers Down My Spine Talaga! Really love the husky voice!!!
- Maedin Veldhoen, Jetquay Guest Relations, Jetquay Pte Ltd Changi Airport

Pamela Wildheart you're one of my favorite singers! I love your voice, truly a fantastic singer and a performer. Viva !Pamela I will always be your supporter and one of your fans...
- Marisa Santos Seow, Manager SmartQ Systems

Mart Ilagan

WILD & WICKED an album from a rocker chic with so much oozing appeal! Love all the songs, it's a worthwhile collection!
- Mart Ilagan, Songwriter, album producer, Talent Manager, Founder of Music & Arts for Real Talents

A True Diva, really sound the same whether she performs 'LIVE' on stage or when she's in the recording studio. That's the Quality that Pamela Wildheart commands, Cheers!
- Mark Wong, DXO@Esplanade

A truly heart-warming album that makes your heart beat fast listening to her unique rendition of Anak by Freddy Aguilar. Listen to her cool, unique voice interpreting original compositions makes you want to fall in love again!
- Melannie Syquia-Hizon, Art Eventologist

I really, really, like the songs, the arrangements, the vocals, the instruments. In my opinion, this album is far better than a lot of the stuff currently available in the market. Honestly, It's one of the best album presentations, I've seen in a long time. Congratulations Pamela Wildheart! Nice job!
-Mercy Lantajo Labarda, Performing Musician (Singer)

Pamela Wildheart – Pinay, Tunay na Pinay Sa Singapore, Mother Nature's favorite and lovely Anak.  Catch her, listen to her Wild & Wicked, as she soulfully renders Shivers Down My Spine and It's A Heartache because as she says I'm Still Crazy Over You Babe. Experience Pamela Wildheart, Wild & Wicked – and get on a musical journey you will surely enjoy!  Meticulously crafted and arranged, this is Pamela's gift of music to us all, and one not to be missed, with her choicest song compositions and her own interpretation of Freddie Aguilar's Anak.

- Noel Perdigon, Technology/Information Security Professional & Restaurateur/Ownwe 7107 Flavours

WILD & WICKED the newly released album of Pamela Wildheart caught my attention when I heard the music. The lyrics were really fantastic - it relates to lifestyles of the Filipinos who are longing for their family in Philippines. Indeed Ms Wildheart's angelic voice will touch your hearts.
-Peter Policarpio III (ThatsAstar), Production team

Picasso Tan

PAMELA WILDHEART is one rare talent. Her personality charms you all over, you have no time to think! The album is an extension of this personality. It exudes intelligence, deep insights and a refreshing touch of quality Pinoy music and originals. Her versatility is only second to her talents. A worthy buy! Mabuhay!
-Picasso Tan, television actor, Wushu National Champion, Stunt Expert and Restaurateur/Entrepreneur, Bonifacio Restaurant (Filipino Restaurant, Singapore)

Being the exceptional songwriter that Pamela is, she once again comes up with a unique album of songs that speak of her beliefs and principles, perfectly put together with wonderful, unbelievable harmony. Her sincere and continuous effort in paying tribute to the Filipino women is expressed in this album. Her extraordinary music is always an honest expression of her feelings and thoughts. My favorite is her rock version of the famous song "Anak", love it!
- Rej Penacerrada, Asia Business Forum, Conference Producer

The album is a unique blend of pop rock music. The Pamela Wildheart signature is distinctive! The voice is rare and has a subtle sensuality, for whatever reason, I'm not sure! It's the Pamela Wildheart sound! Unforgettable!
- RJ Rosales, International Broadway Performing Artist, Singer, Actor & Model

Pamela Wildheart's music captures the essence of the Filipino lifestyle in Singapore. It echoes the assimilation of the Pinoy culture, the strength of character, the ability to persevere despite the variety of other cultures. After listening to the album, it becomes my LSM, Last Songs on my Mind! The album covers a broad topics especially about the environment, true love, lost love, culture and pride, anger, etc. A Linda Rondstadt sound but this time with an original Pamela Wildheart huskiness, so rare a find nowadays!
- Rommel Quiachon, Operations Manager, Performing Musician/ Vocalist

When I heard the first early tracks, I was drawn to it immediately. The songs are written with so much passion and feelings. Simple, but filled with inspirational messages. In the album Pamela Wildheart reaffirms her being a Pinay sa Singapore, Anak is amazing, Mother Nature about the world and environment and many others. They are different, its distinctive sound and messages are a rare find nowadays. More power!
- Ronnie Albeus, President, Filipino Association of Singapore

Pamela Wildheart, You are a great performer. We really enjoy your music and energetic soul. Your album has a unique selection of music. You can count on our support!
- Rosalie Quijano Tio, Chiropodist/Podiatrist, A Pamela Wildheart Fan

Pamela Wildheart's songs are edgy yet filled with emotions. Her songs, like her, are refreshingly pleasant, fun, and gives you a peek of the people and experiences around Ms. Wildheart' interesting and colorful life. Pamela Wildheart's latest album, Wild and Wicked is both witty and charming.
- Sherwin Yanzy Enriquez, CEO, That's A Star.

"A stunning debut album...startlingly original. the listeners enter a world thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining. The songs are fresh, exotic, full-to-bursting-voice, fitfully under control but never dull."
- Sheryl Boquiren, Managing Director, JoLogs @LP, JoLogs @EC, JoLogs Xpress @NS by
Cafe Calle Real Group Pte Ltd
Calle Real Culinary Concepts Pte Ltd
Calle Real Gastronomic Styles Pte Ltd

As I was listening to Pamela Wildheart's songs the first thing that came into my mind is country rock. She reminds me of Bonnie Tyler's voice but the singing approach is Linda Ronstadt. She also has a touch of Juice Newton. Well they are my favorite singers from the late 70's and early 80's. The song "Shivers Down My Spine" really caught my attention. It shows simplicity in chord progression but this is a kind of song that deserves to be given attention. I'm a person who really loves fusion jazz music but when I went through Pamela's songs it opened my mind and heart to pop,country rock musiuc. The uniqueness of her voice and the artistry really captivates me. Thank you so much Pam for you have made me a very lucky person to be among the first ones to listen to your songs. GO PAMELA WILDHEART! ALL THE BEST
- Vergil Oria, Performing Musician & Keyboardist

WICK and WILD one of the best songs in the album, this song is my favorite can make great acoustic song. But the whole album is great! I love this album...some of melodies, themes and beats I have played on with the "DIVA" but she makes them ever-fresh! The songs …It so fun to hear and a great achievement for Pamela WildHeart! Rock en' Roll!
- Vic Atienza, Music Instructor/Guitar Sessionist, Thistlesound Music

True to form. As I happen to have worked with the "wild one" professionally, she has definitely maintained her taste for the rough and rugged sound of rock music. As rock epitomises popular music itself, it is safe to say that the artist has bared her heart and soul to the masses. Rightfully so! With the "wild one", what you see and hear is what you get. She is the same person on and off stage. Anak has always been a banner song for the artist. In Pinay, which interestingly carries the same chord progression as "Anak" (but has a quicker rhythm), the artist maintains her identity as a true blue Filipina: simple, witty and elegant. This is a very honest performance of the "wild one". MOTHER NATURE and SHIVERS DOWN MY SPINE: With these songs, I believe the "wild one" has met her match, musically, at least. Moliano has captured the spirit of the artist. His arrangements and melodic inputs translate the emotions of the artist to a level where everyone is welcome. He gave these songs the warm synth sounds of the 80's coupled with intriguing guitar solos that shows his mastery of the instrument. Mother Nature shows the artist's diverse personality: simple and devoid of premises. Her lyrics give the message straight to the fact with no stories on the sidelines. The music? Bonnie Tyler meets Michael Learns To Rock. I must admit, Shivers Down My Spine is my favourite. This is the artist at her very best. This is an honest example of true songwriting, which is absent in most of our present day music. This is one song you can sing with or without accompaniment. Definitely written and performed with heart and from the heart. Pam. I wish you all the best for a job well done. Keep it going!
- Victor Oria, Concert & Recording Music Director/ Arranger, Keyboardist/ Singer

Una, Congratulations! Pangalawa, my comments and opinions- May identity as Bisaya the way you sing Anak, may originality. Maganda! At ang Pinay song naman ay okay na okay. I like it.Ang ganda ng transitionmo ng cbords ng Pinay! Ang galeng! As a whole, maganda! Congrats at Mabuhay ka!
-Waway Saway, Recording & Performing Musician, The TAO MUSIC GROUP with GRACE NONO

Wild & Wicked - Brief Idea
The Pamela Wildheart Debut Album

Photo by Steve Nge, courtesy of
el toro Restro Bar

Finally Recording…
One may think that working in a radio station and hosting prime time morning shows would easily pave the way to a recording career. But it was only after 14 years since Pamela Wildheart met Moliano that the album Wild & Wicked took shape.

The bonding began during a radio interview with Moliano and Tony who became studio guests for Pamela's programme Sunny Side Up. Then, Moliano, a respected musician and accomplished music producer was off to a new start after splitting from Love Hunters. Lovehunters is best remembered for its major haul of record sales compared to most local artistes.

"We talked and talked about recording music. I have always been busy writing my music. My career as a performer has brought me to travel to so many countries worldwide. I never took recording music seriously despite the offers by record labels in the Philippines and Singapore as well. Moliano struck me as truly sincere in his respect for me and my music," says Pamela.

As fate dictates, Moliano caught up with Pamela Wildheart as she was walking in a shopping centre and this time around the talks became more serious.

"Music is serious business and to really immerse yourself in the heart of music you must be prepared to give up everything. I decided to quit my job and get into the studio to finally record my music. As my musical producer and creative director, Moliano has proven to be exceptional and very open to ideas. We worked really well together; it's amazing how easy the whole process was owing to our working styles.

Moliano, photo courtesy of Moluv Music

Photo by Rommel Quiachon,
DXO@Esplanade Concert

My debut album is an effort that I am proud of. I also met a true artiste and friend in Moliano. He is a genius. It took him 14 years to convince me that I have to record my music. I will never forget the hard work we put together as artistes to collaborate in my debut album…

Thank you Moliano for the encouragement and for always being there, to support me.

You are a friend for life.

Wild & Wicked - Songs & Samplers

BRIEFLY…Like Pamela's colourful and dramatic lifestyle the album weaves its stories into a stage of musical notes. The songs, carefully written and selected echo the emotional roller coaster ride of a woman going through the stages of living and loving.

PAMELA WILDHEART … about Wild & Wicked - The Songs
Shivers Down My Spine (Music & Lyrics by Pamela Wildheart)
Once a woman is deeply and madly enraptured by love, thoughts come and haunt. I am embodying the fears, every woman madly in love will experience. Despite being successful, how wealthy, how fulfilled we are, this fear of losing someone so special to you, someone you love can send shivers down your spine…

Still Crazy Over You (Music & Lyrics by Pamela Wildheart)
Love is so potent! Despite the years, deep inside I fear your return. You have so much power to make me fall in love with you again and again. This is a painful litany of hear murmurs. Love is so cruel but powerful.

Photo by Rommel Quiachon

Anak (Music & Lyrics by Freddie Aguilar)
Published by: Bayanihan Music Philippines Inc.
Originally written by Freddie Aguilar and catapulted him to international fame, my version is a welcome change, rock inspired as arranged by Moliano.
Here, we pay tribute to the family as an important catalyst in shaping our lives; how we oftentimes forget the love our parents have nurtured us become what we are today.

Mother Nature (Music & Lyrics by Pamela Wildheart)
My strong influences inspired by the beauty of my native land and nature made me write this song. I do not wish to show you how to respect these elements of the earth. You will have to read between the seas, the waves, the sun, the stars, the ocean and the deep crevices of the unexplored universe. Just don't forget, for the cruelty we weave in this world, Mother Nature is in deep and tortured pain.

Photo by Rommel Quiachon

It's Heartache (Ronnie Scott/Wolfe)
Original Publisher: Career BMG Music Publishing Inc.
Sub Publisher: Universal Music Publ. MGB Singapore Pte Ltd

Although seemingly buried through time, this song is surprisingly appealing to listeners of all ages who can't quite get over the raspy voiced Bonnie Tyler. Remarkably Rod Stewart made another version which was equally well received. The song is simple but real. It's hard to love someone who can't love you back. *Pamela Wildheart plays guitar in this song

Pinay (Music & Lyrics by Pamela Wildheart)
I am an empowered woman, and would like to choose the word Pinay instead of Pinoy. Gender reflective, I wish to highlight my pride being a contemporary Filipina. This is an affirmation to my roots with upbeat rhythm to inspire and cheer. This is dedicated to all the Filipinas in the world-hardworking, dedicated, committed and passionate amidst adversity and challenges.

Wild & Wicked (Music & Lyrics by Pamela Wildheart)
Written from a woman's point of view! An already wild, free thinking woman meets a man whose inability to love her back has made her wicked. The song demonstrates the often upbeat exchanges between lovers. How violent rage can be and ultimately the cruelty each one inflicts. Twisted and challenging indeed!

Moliano, photo by Boy Galileo

Tunay (Music by Moliano, Lyrics in Tagalog by Pamela Wildheart)
A collaboration between Moliano & Pamela Wildheart. In this album Moliano writes the music and lyrics originally in Malay. However, I have added the Filipino lyrics to it.
Tunay reflects questions a man and a woman and their feelings. It urges both to rediscover the truth between them. Are they really in love or is it plain madness which made them hunger for each other one moment and then hurt each other thereafter

Pinay sa Singapore (Music & Lyrics by Pamela Wildheart)
This is dedicated to Jennifer, my house manager, who is ecstatic every Sunday. A spirited song, it aims to cheer and encourage the Pinays worldwide who work so hard during the weekdays and then to chill out Sundays. I wish to remind everyone that happiness is in the palm of our hands. We make ourselves, our existence and our significance. We can make a difference; wherever we go…Positivism is an energy driver!

Shivers Down My Spine - Unplugged and Unplanned version- (Music & Lyrics by Pamela Wildheart)
The raw and acoustic version of Shivers Down My Spine. More haunting and honest to some, the song once again evokes strong passion and deep love for someone. The fear of losing this person is real. *Pamela Wildheart plays guitar in this song

Pamela Wildheart - Shows & Concerts Lists
Below is a list of Pamela Wildheart Concerts and Singing Performances during the years listed. This is a partial list.

Countries Performed
Japan (Kyoto, Kobe, Hiroshima & Osaka)
Malaysia (Johore Bahru, Petaling Jaya)
Korea (Seoul)
China (Guangzhou)
India (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Kolkatta)

~~~~~~~ 2010- 2000 ~~~~~~~  

04 July 2010, Sunday, 8pm
Pamela Wildheart is Wild &Wicked, Rock & Raw at Movida at St James Power Station (solo concert, featuring star music producer and guitarist Moliano)

27 Nov 2009, Friday, 7pm
Welcome to Vegas Nights by FEWS-Filipino Expatriate Wives Singapore, Poolside, Hilton Hotel Singapore

25 Oct 2009, Sun, 2pm
She's My Girl by OFW Pinoy Star 2009, NTUC Auditorium, Singapore

07 Oct 2009, Wed, 7pm
Exclusive party for Marilez Wijaya, Singapore Polo Club

09 Sep 2009, Wed, 7.30pm
Asian Geographic's 10th Anniversary, The Indochine at Clark Quay, Singapore

30 Aug 2009, Sun, 8pm
Wild & Wicked Concert with Pamela Wildheart, Solo Concert featuring Moliano as guest artiste, DXO@Esplanade, Singapore

16 Aug 2009, Sun, 6pm
Japan Idol Search for Nippon Week by Capitaland & Comm Pte Ltd, Bukit Panjang Plaza, Singapore

26 July 2009, Sun, 5pm
2nd SingaPinoy Battle of the Bands + Gigs and 1st Ever Dance Competition, Pamela Wildheart guest appearance. Organised by SingaPinoy, Belzone, Singapore

28 June 2009
Meet & Greet Pamela Wildheart at Jeremiah International, Sneek Peak for Wild & Wicked, and Singapore

27 June 2009, Sat, 7pm
Get Wild & Wicked with Pamela Wildheart Concert- The Album Launch, el toro Bistro Bar, Winsland Conservation House, Singapore. *Solo concert, tickets at S$108 nett *Sold Out Performance

24 June 2009, Wed, 8pm
Sneak Hear *Wild & Wicked album preview
with Pamela Wildheart at 7107 Flavours Restaurant, Singapore.

14 June 2009, Sun, 7.30pm
PIDC09 (Philippine Independence Day Celebrations 2009) Araw ng Pasasalamat, Thanksgiving, Kantahan at Yugyugan sa Chijmes, Singapore

13 June 2009, Sat, 2-6pm
Cora Jacobs & Dita Sandico-Ong Fashion Show by Phil Embassy & DOT (Department of Tourism Singapore), Cricket Club Singapore

12 June 2009, Friday, 3pm
Fiesta Philippines by Philippine Embassy & Department of Tourism Singapore, Plaza Singapura

07 June 2009, Sun, 11am-9.30pm
111th Philippine Independence Day Celebrations (PIDC09) with celebrities like Diether Ocampo, Mark Bautista, Tuesday Vargas, Jennelyn Mercado, Rochelle Pangilinan and others, Hong Lim Park, Singapore.

06 June 2009, Sat, 6-10pm
111th Philippine Independence Day Celebrations (PIDC09) Kick off Awarding, Dinner & Show, Hong Lim Park, Singapore

31 May 2009, Sun
Go Forth Graduation Ceremony by Go Forth Marketing, York Hotel Singapore, Wild & Wicked Sneak Peek

16 May 2009, Sat
Multi-Racial Night, Organised by New Hope Community Services, with GOH, Mr. K. Shanmuggan, Minister for Law & Second Minister for Home Affairs, Artiste & Hosts include Suhaimi Yusoff, Violet Yenfing, Moliano, Mathilda, James Yin, The pinholes, Mohamed Shabir, Ismail Haron, Republic Polytechnic Auditorium Singapore

26 April 2009, Sun, 7pm
Asian/Philippine Dive Networking Night Organised by Philippine Department of Tourism, 7107 Flavours, One Marina Boulevard, Singapore

12 April, 2009, Sunday, 3pm
Multi-Racial Charity Ride 2009, Chong Pang CC Auditorium. Organised by New Hope Community Services and supported by the Chong Pang IRCC & Chong Pang Grassroots Organisations, Perkamus, The Kind Exchange, Religious Groups, Schools and Riders and Singapore Social Entrepreneur

29 March 2009, Sun
Search for Filipino Idol 2009 Grand Finals, organized by the Filipino Association of Singapore, NTUC Auditorium, Singapore

23 Nov 2008, Sun, 2pm
OFW Pinoy Star's 8th anniversary celebration and She's My Girl Grand Finals, Guest of Honour - Philippine Ambassador to Singapore, Ms Minda Cruz, and yours truly Deputy Director, Corporate Management, Ministry of Manpower Ms Quek-Ng Siew Fong. Featuring top singers like RJ Rosales, Jay Espano, Pamela Wildheart and winners of Filipino and Singapore Idols and Philippine Cultural Dancers, Maharlika Band, Tanglin Community Club, Singapore

24 Oct 2008, Tues, 7pm
FLAG (Filipinos Ladies Group) 8th Anniversary Dinner & Dance, "A Cultural Night of Celebration. " Fundraising for "Scholars of Flag " - Eskolar ng Flag (Philippines), Marriott Hotel, Grand Ballroom

March 2008, Sun, 2 pm
Search for a Filipino Star (Pinoy Idol) 2008 Grand Finals by Filipino Association of Singapore, Organised by the Filipino Association of Singapore

26 Mar 2008
Singapore Tourism Board Medical Gala for Asia Pacific Delegates Event, Organised by Singapore Tourism Board HealthCare Division for 150 Asia Pacific Delegates, Lakeview Ballroom, Jurong BirdPark

25 Nov 2007
OFW Pinoy Star's 7th anniversary celebration and the 6TH She's My Girl Grand Finals, Alliance Francaise, #1 Sarkies Road, Singapore (Co-Host with Jay Espano)

17-18 Aug 2007
Asia' top Impersonator and Commediene Willy Nepomuceno Show, Front Act, Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel, Singapore

12 June 2007
109th Philippine Independence Day Celebrations at 7,107 Restaurant featuring Salud Sindaw in Singapore, Fashion Show by the Philippines Fashion Ambassador Rene Salud with Sindaw Dance Troupe Cultural Presentation, 7107 Flavours Restaurant, Singapore

26 Mar- 02 April 2007
1 +1 Southern China Road Show and Guangzhou International Travel Fair, Guangzhou International Trade Fair in collaboration with Lex Travel & Singapore Toursim Board, China

March 2007
Search for a Filipino Star (Pinoy Idol) 2007 Grand Finals by Filipino Association of Singapore, Singapore
June 2006, Philippine Fashion Show featuring Boy Guinoo from Davao City, Top Designer by Philippine Tourism Singapore & Philippine Embassy, Singapore

June 2006
Civil Service Club Performance featuring by Philippine Tourism Office & Philippine Embassy, Civil Service Club, Singapore

14 & 15 April 2006, Whole day
Whole day whole day, "Uniquely Singapore" Live Road Shows by Singapore Tourism Board. Ludhiana, India

08 & 09 April 2006, Whole day
Whole day, "Uniquely Singapore" Live Road Shows by Singapore Tourism Board. Performing with Artistix, in Hyderabad, India

01 & 02 April 2006, Whole day
"Uniquely Singapore" Live Road Shows by Singapore Tourism Board in Kolkatta, India

March 2006, Sun, 2-5 pm
Search for a Filipino Star (Pinoy Idol) 2006 Grand Finals by Filipino Association of Singapore, Singapore

22 Oct 2005, Sat, 7.30pm
Crispy, Chatty & Wacky with Pamela Wildheart, Solo Concert for Jurong BirdPark's Conservation Effort, Tickets: S$25, Pools Amphitheatre, Jurong BirdPark, Singapore

05 - 09 May 2005
Singapore Food Festival Show in Hyundai Coex, Seoul Korea

28 Nov 2004
Ako a Filipino (AAF) Search for Binibining Ako a Filipino, Singapore

06 March 2004
FOWS-Dinner & Dance and Award's Night, YMCA Singapore

2004, May, Mayday Labour Day
(FOWS) Filipino Overseas Workers in Singapore, featuring Chad Borja and other Filipino Guest Artistes, Bayanihan Centre, Singapore

19-27 Aug 2005
Singapore Tourism Board's Uniquely Singapore Road Shows to Hyderabad & Bangalore

Lanterns of Asia in Singapore Zoo, with Singapore Stars, Moses Lim and Tanya Chua with special participation of Philippine Tourism Office, Singapore Zoo, Singapore

2003 Sept
Philippine Trade & Travel Booth, Philippine Tourism Office Asean/Philippines, American Club, Singapore

2003 Aug
Search for Binibining Ako ay Filipino by (AAFS) Ako ay Filipino Magazine, Chatsworth International School, Singapore

Singapore Zoo Dinner and Dance, Singapore

17 Nov 2002
Search for The Filipina Ms. Bookkeeper by (FABS) Filipino Association of Bookkeepers in Singapore, York Hotel Singapore

14 Feb 2002
Search for Ms Valentine by (FOWS) Filipino Overseas Workers in Singapore, Allson Hotel, Singapore

Singapore Zoo Dinner and Dance, Singapore

17 Nov 2001
Search for The Filipina Ms. Bookkeeper by (FABS) Filipino Association of Bookkeepers in Singapore, York Hotel Singapore

28 Aug 2000, 8:30 PM-TV 12
TV Appearance, Semarak Bedaya-Malay programme on culture TV 12, Singapore, Co-hosts with Mastura and speaks in Malay throughout the programme, Singapore

12 June 2000
Philippine Independence Day Show at Sentosa for Filipino Overseas Workers and Philippine Embassy with Nanette Inventor "Kalayaaan 2000, Sentosa, Singapore

27 Feb 2000
Madame Etta's—Multi-Awarded Filipino Lady Inventor product launch in Singapore. RELC, Singapore.

~~~~~~~ 1999-1990 ~~~~~~~

06, Dec 1999, Sunday, 3-5pm
Body Shock performance for The Voice Company "Recharge Party" Singapore, Body Shock Discotheque, Cairnhill Place, Singapore

15, 16, 16, 18, 19 Nov 1999
"Harana "-Sales Blitz for Philippine Airlines Singapore, * Project served as thank you offering from PAL Singapore to 40 travel agents, Singapore

24 Oct 1999
Filipino Association of Bookkeepers "Search for Ms. Bookkeeper '99 ", Singapore

23 Oct 1999
Clarke Quay's Michael Jackson Impersonation Contest, Clarke Quay, Singapore

29 Sep 1999, Sunday, 1-6pm
The Ultimate Filipino Band Crash'99, Studio East Singapore, 8 Grange Road, Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore

16 Sep 1999
Ako ay Filipino "The Ultimate Filipino Band Crash 1999 ", Singapore

10 Sep 1999
Millenial Homecoming w/Philippine Airlines & Century Park Hotel, Singapore

31, Aug 1999, 7pm- 1am
Nurses Nite-Out, Sama-sama sa Serbisyo, Sama-sama sa Saya, 1999, Philippine Nurses Association Dinner & Dance, Crystal Ballroom, Level II, Holiday Inn, ParkView Hotel, Singapore

15 Aug 1999
STI Singapore Annual Ball, Westin Stamford & Westin Plaza, Singapore

08 Aug 1999
Sentosa's Asia All-Star Concert Show, Sentosa, Singapore

16 July 1999
Clarke Quay's "A Gastronomic Journey",Clarke Quay, Singapore

11 July 1999
Kolam Ayer CC Family Day, PA East Coast CampSite, Singapore

27 June 1999, Sunday, 3pm
GP Group of Companies Lutong Pinoy Cooking Competition, Best ASEAN Products Exhibition, World Trade Centre, Singapore

23, 24, 25 & 25 June 1999
EM Advertising for "Best ASEAN Products Exhibition ", WorldTrade Centre Hall 3 A , Singapore

01 May 1999
Araw Ng Manggagawa, Philippine Labour Day Celebration, by Philippine Embassy, Filipino Overseas Workers in Singapore (FOWS), Philippine Embassy, Singapore

21 March 1999
Filipino Community Day Celebration by Philippine Embassy, Filipino Overseas Workers, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

05 Mar 1999
BMB Karaoke Box Member's Nite, Singapore

22 Jan 1999
Tiro Consulting Dinner & Dance, Tanglin Club, Singapore

January 1999
National Science & Technology Board Dinner & Dance Singapore

24 December 1998
Hotel New Otani's Christmas Party, Hotel New Otani Ballroom, Singapore

13 Dec 1998
Paskuhan Sentenaryo, Awit Patimpalak " Filipino OWWA-POLO & Philippine Embassy, Sparks Disco, Singapore

06 Dec 1998
The Voice Company "Phonecard Recharge Party ", Body Shock, Singapore
December 1998, Cosmetic, Toiletries & Fragrance Association Dinner & Dance, Merchant Courts Hotel, Singapore

December 1998
It's Christmas Time with Love CD Launch and Promotion Shows (Radio Heart & Swiss Teo), Parkway Parade, Great World City, and other venues, Singapore

15 Dec 1998
Genesis Leisure Spa- The Re-Launching, Genesis Spa Xmas Party, Singapore

13 Dec 1998, Sunday, 1-5.30pm
Paskuhan Sentenaryo, by OWWA-POLO, Filipino Workers in Singapore, The Filipino Community, The Philippine Embassy, Sparks Disco, Takshimaya, Singapore

15 Nov 1998
Tanjong Pagar CDC-Tiong Bahru Family Sports Day 1998, Tanjong Pagar CDC, Singapore

08 Nov 1998, Sunday
World Migration Day at Church of St Peter & Paul at Queen St. Archdiocesan Commission for the Personal Care of Migrant and Itinerant People, Singapore

08 Nov 1998, 1-4pm, Sunday
FILODEP – Filipino Ongoing Development Programme 10th Anniversary, Franciscan Missionary of Mary, 49 Holland Road, Singapore

11 Oct 1998
Miting Kay Erap-Philippine President Joseph Estrada's visit to Singapore, Suntec City, Singapore

13 Sep 1998
Hotel New Otani "Magical Wedding Extravaganza", Featuring Pamela Wildheart with Moses Lim, Phoenix Ballroom Singapore

29 Aug 1998
Filipino Association of Singapore 61st Anniversary, Dinner & Dance'98, Raffles Ballroom, Canning Room, The Westin Stamford, Singapore

28 Aug 1998
Papa Joe's 3rd Birthday Bash "Mardi Gras", Papa Joe's Singapore

01 March 1998, Sunday
STI, 1st Anniversary & 1st Graduation, Singapore

22 Feb 1998
NTUC Charity Dinner, Pamela Wildheart was host and singer/performer to this show held at the Neptune Theatre. A special tribute to NTUC ELDERCARE to raise $1 million for Charity, Singapore

21 & 22 Feb 1998
Xirlink Video Phone Launch, Challenger Superstore Funan Centre, Singapore

15 Feb 1998
Modestos 'Valentine's Special" Show, Modestos, Singapore

11 Jan 1998, 3-6pm
The EastPoint Makan Fiesta, NTUC Radioheart, Easpoint Open Plaza, Singapore

04 Jan 1998
GP Gift Palace & Trading Variety Show, GP Libreng Pabahay '97, featuring Nora Aunor, Rudy Fernandez, Jimmy Santos, Beth Tamayo, Mayor Jinggoy Estrada, Kallang Theatre, Stadium Walk, Singapore

World Migration Day for Overseas Workers, organized by FOWS and Philippine Embassy Singapore (ShowHost & Performer)

Tiro Consulting Dinner & Dance, Tanglin Club, Singapore

15 Dec 1997, 3.30pm
Very Special Arts Singapore, Children's Safari Arts Club, Singapore

10 Dec 1997, SPC
Singapore Professional Centre, 21 Years of SPC, Charity Gala Dinner, Singapore

07 Dec 1997, Sunday, 10am-5pm, Paskuhan 1997
by POLO –The Philippine Overseas Labour Office, The Filipino Overseas Workers in Singapore, Philippine Embassy

30 Nov 1997
The Furniture Mall 3rd Anniversary Celebrations, The Furniture Mall, Singapore

15 Nov 1997
Singtel WorldCard Christmas Show, Show for the Nationak Kidney Foundation, Junction 8 Singapore

November 1997
NTUC Club's 10th Anniversary, with all the VIPs and Invited Guest held at Pasir Ris NTUC Club Singapore

07 Sept 1997, 9.15 am- 9pm
Health Fair, Fun & Fitness Fiesta by Ngee Ann City & Gardenia, Ngee Ann Civic Plaza (Takashimaya), Singapore

05 & 06 Sept 1997, 11am -9pm
Health Fair, Fun & Fitness Fiesta by Ngee Ann City & Gardenia, Ngee Ann Civic Plaza (Takashimaya), Singapore

23 Aug 1997
Filipino Association of Singapore 60th Anniversary Dinner & Dance, Grand Plaza Hotel, Singapore

22 June 1997
Philippine National Bank & Philippine Embassy "Handog ng PNB sa Pinoy Suntec Convention Hall, Singapore with co-host Bernardo Bernardo and Stars: Dennis Padilla, Geneva Cruz, Sunshine Cruz, Isko Moreno, Louie Heredia

05 Jan 1997
Heart for a Heart Charity Concert in aid of the Down Syndrome Association featuring Pamela Wildheart & Winz "The Entertainer", Papa Joe's Singapore

07 & 08 March 1997
Practice Performing Arts Fund Raising Event, helped raised S$150,000 with Mark Chan, Nuradee, Kuo Pao Kun, Rani Moorthy, Raffles Hotel, Singapore

12 Jan 1997
NTUC Hougang Mall's Grand Opening, featuring Pamela Wiildheart, Youfa, MC King, Atrium of NTUC Hougang Mall, Singapore

Volunteer Special Constabulary Tanglin Police Division "Get-TogetherNite", Singapore

Concert : Riverside JAM organized by the Cowabunga Ski Centre for disabled skiers, Singapore

Photographic Society of Singapore Nite, Singapore

15 Dec 1996, Sunday, 2.30pm- 5.30pm
SingTel Phone Home Card Promotion "Hi Philippines " Show, Co-hosted with Wee Teck, Lucky Plaza, Singapore

December 1996
Awit Patimpalak-Annual Filipino Singing Competition, Singapore,

13 Dec 1996
Food and Beverage Managers' Association-The Charity Ball in Aid of The Children'' Cancer Foundation 1996
Neptune Theatre, Singapore

09 & 16 Nov & 01 Dec 1996
Clarke Quay's "Culinary By The River ", 9 November 1996, Singapore

09 Nov 1996
Millenia Walk Charity Concert for the Children's Cancer Foundation, Millenia Walk Singapore with James Lye, Ix Shen, Melissa Sidek, Diana Ser, Phyllis Quek, John Molina, Ramli Sarip, Jessica Soo, Oddfellows, Ziana Zain and Desmond Youfa

24 Aug 1996
59th Filipino Association of Singapore D & D, Ballroom Dancing, Regent Hotel Grand Ballroom, Singapore

09 Aug 1996
National Day Rally, Launching of Pamela Wildheart Original Song YAN, Youth Activists of NTUC, Prime Minister of Singapore & President, Guests of Honour, NTUC Executive Committee, National Stadium, Singapore

Photographic Society of Singapore Nite, Singapore

GP Group of Companies' "Meet The Stars Session ", World Trade Centre Singapore with Mayor Jinggoy Estrada, Lani Mercado, Bong Revilla, Rudy Fernandez, Lorna Tolentino (ShowHost & Radio Interviews)

Philippine Airlines Party at Le Meridien Singapore

03 Dec 1995
Balik Saya, Best Maid, Best Employer with Stars like Hajji Alejandro, Arnel Ignacio, The Fire- Anna and Soraya, Harbour Pavillion, World Trade Centre

December 1995
NTUC Sports & Healthy Lifestyle 23rd Dinner & Dance Singapore

December 1995
Awit Patimpalak-Annual Filipino Singing Competition, Singapore

21 Oct 1995
SMRTEU 2nd Karaoke Championship 1995, Tropicana Lounge Orchid Country Club, Singapore

12,13, 14 & 15, Oct 1995
"The Owl & The Pussycat" by Daisy Irani Productions, Music by Pamela Wildheart, Substation, Singapore

30 Sep 1995, Saturday (4 -6.30pm)
Nutrition Fair, Food & Nutrition Department, Ministry of Health, Megamart IF Promotion Hall, Singapore

25-27 Aug 1995, Matinee: 26 Aug, 1995
The Necessary Stage's "Top of the World", Victoria Theatre, Singapore

26 Aug 1995
Filipino Association of Singapore 58th Dinner & Dance, Orchard Hotel Singapore, 26, August 1995 (ShowHost & Performer)

29 July 1995
NTUC Youth Rally cum Seminar'95, NTUC Sentosa Beach Resort, Singapore

12 June 1995
The 97th Philippine Independence Day, Sama-Sama 2000
at Philippine Embassy grounds with Guest of Honour Senator Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Singapore

11 June 1995, Sunday, 1-5pm
Philippine 58th Independence-Friendship Day, Philippine Embassy grounds

27-28 May 1995
Homewiz Carnival-Sheer PC Magic, Ngee Ann City, Singapore

03-04 May 1995
Homewiz Carnival-Sheer PC Magic, Ngee Ann City, Singapore

01 May 1995
MayDay'95, NTUC Pasir Ris Resort, Singapore

16 April 1995
Yuhua Nite Show with Mark Lee, Fann Wong, Jimmy Ye and other TCS Stars) Jurong East Avenue 1, Singapore

15 March 1995
Filipino Association Singapore 5th Dinner & Dance, Orchard Hotel Ballroom, Singapore

15 March 1995, 10am-12 noon
Singapore President Ong Teng Cheong's visit to Gracehaven, *Pamela Wildheart singing performance as Singapore President plays piano, Gracehaven, Salvation Army, Singapore

National Heritage Trail at the Padang, Singapore

Volunteer Special Constabulary Dinner & Dance, Singapore

Singapore Tourist Promotion Board project for Merlion's 21st Anniversary Celebration, Takashimaya Square, Singapore

31 Dec 1994, Saturday, 4-6pm
PortBeat Live Shows by PSA- Port of Singapore Authority, World Trade Centre Amphitheatre, Singapore

18 Dec 1994, Sunday, 3-5pm
PortBeat Live Shows by PSA- Port of Singapore Authority, World Trade Centre Amphitheatre, Singapore

03 Dec 1994, Saturday, 4-6pm
Portbeat Live Showd by PSA- Port of Singapore Authority, World Trade Centre Amphitheatre, Singapore

12 Nov 1994, Saturday, 4-6pm
PortBeat Live Shows by PSA- Port of Singapore Authority, World Trade Centre Amphitheatre, Singapore

30 Oct 1994, Sunday, 4-6 pm
PortBeat Live Shows by PSA- Port of Singapore Authority, World Trade Centre Amphitheatre, Singapore

09 Oct 1994
NTUC HealthFair, NTUC Pasir Ris Resort Singapore

11, & 18 Sep 1994
Lau Pa Sat 's Family Fun Show, Lau Pa Sat Festival Market Singapore with Maizurah, Zheng Zhi Jian, Pang Ying & Max Surin

11 Sep 1994
Sentosa Healthy Lifestyle Show, For "Made in Singapore Variety Show, Sentosa, Singapore

27 Aug 1994
Saturday 57th Anniversary Filipino Association of Singapore Dinner & Dance, Filipiniana – a Night to Remember, Victoria Lounge, Westin Plaza

02 Aug 1994
Michalski Galleries of Fine Arts Pte Ltd "Yuri Gorbachev-Naïve Primitivism " Exhibit, with Ms. Rosemarie Arenas as VIP guest, Via Mare, Philippines

July 1994
NCSS Share & Care Campaign Launch, Orchard Road, Singapore

23 June, 1994
Sony Minidisc Nite, Sparks, Singapore

17 June 1994
Royal Academy of Dancing Graduation Ceremony, Neptune Theatre Singapore

12 June 1994
Philippines Independence Day Programme, Asian Village Sentosa "Fiesta Filipino " & "Miss Filipina-Asian Village ", Asian Village, Singapore

12 June 1994
96th Philippine Independence Day Celebration upon invitation by (late) Ambassador Alicia C. Ramos

28 April 1994
YWCA Anniversary Celebrations, Fort Canning Centre Singapore with Mel Ferdinands

April 1994
GP's Dinner and Dance (1994) Mandarin Singapore, Singapore

20 March 1994
10am- Midnight, NTUC Club's 7th Anniversary, NTUC Club Shenton Way, Singapore

15 Mar 1994
CK Tang Rockin Good Time Dinner & Dance, Raffles Ballroom, Singapore

07 & 08 March 1994
"This Thing Bursting Out", Practice Performing Arts Fund-Raising Event, raising S$150,000 for the Practice Performing Arts, Singapore

24 Feb 1994, Thur, 6.30-8.30pm
Bring Home a Friend by The Philippine Department of Tourism, Philippine Embassy, Philippine Air Lines, Ballroom II, Orchard Hotel, Singapore

12 Feb 1994
Singapore Indian Association 70th Anniversary "Matters of the Heart with Mel Ferdinands, Singapore

09 Jan 1994
NTUC Club Jurong Anniversary, Singapore

04, Jan 1994
GP's Dinner and Dance "Flight of Fantasy " Mandarin Singapore

National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign, Family Fitness and Fun, Singapore

Philippine Centennial Celebrations Show with former Philippine Vice President Salvador Laurel as guest speaker, Chijmes Singapore

12 Dec 1993
Pinoy Paskuhan '93 Sa Singapore, Invitation by the Foreign Service of the Republic of the Philippines, Neptune Theatre Singapore

10 Dec 1993
SISEU 12th Dinner & Dance, Mandarin Ballroom, Singapore

20 Nov 1993
Thomson Television Singapore 18th Annual Dinner & Dance Karoke Competition, Raffles Ballroom, Singapore (acted as judge)

29 Oct 1993
UTES Karaoke Competition, Mandarin Hotel,

October 1993
Danish Business Association of Singapore & The Royal Danish Embassy Exclusive Function, Tanglin Club, Singapore

28 Aug 1993
Filipino Association of Singapore 56th Anniversary Dinner and Dance, Olivia Room, Westin Stamford, Singapore

31 July, 1993
Far East Levingston Labour Organization 10th Anniversary Dinner, Mandarin Ballroom, Singapore

17, 24 & 31 July 1993
Orchard Point "This Summer at the Orchard", Orchard Point, Singapore

11 July 1993, Sunday, 8.30am -5pm
Bishan Serangoon Town Council Day, Blk 253 Serangoon Central Drive, Singapore

09 July 1993, 10am- 8pm
Celebration 5 Carnival, 5th Anniversary Celebrations NTUC Club Jurong, wth SBC stars Kenny & Chee, Max Surin, Patrick Wan the ventriloquist, GOH Mr. Lim Boon Heng, NTUC Secretary-General, NTUC Jurong, Singapore

29 June 1993
Concert: Handog featuring Pamela Wildheart with Filipino Recording artist Manny Lapingcao and JAM, Substation, Singapore

23 June 1993
Pamela Wildheart Concert -Acoustic Vibes Concert with Art Fadzil, Ray Anthony, Steve Hogan, Denice Hogan), Substation, Singapore

03-06 June 1993
Snoopy, The Musical by MP Entertainment, Raffles Jubilee Hall, Singapore

June 1993, 6- 9.30pm
Care & Share Voluteers Week, National Council of Social Service, Orchard Road, Singapore

23 May 1993
Hongkah East Family Day, Singapore

09 May 1993
NTUC's first Grandma of the Year and Mother of the Year Contest, Orchard Hotel, Singapore

01 May 1993
1st NTUC Membership Recruitment Day, Singapore

April 1993
NTUC Income Family Day at Haw Par Villa, Singapore

07 March 1993
Radio Heart FM Anniversary Show for National Kidney foundation, Marina Centre, Singapore

27 & 28 Feb 1993
Radio Heart FM Anniversary Show for National Kidney foundation, Marina Centre, Singapore

21 Feb 1993
6th Anniversary, NTUC Club Shenton Way Carnival, NTUC Club, Singapore

Yishun Country Club Kampung Day 1993,Singapore

Singapore Nationwide Karaoke Contest, Singapore

Daimaru-Liang Court's "Flavours of Asean " Live Show, Singapore

Filipino Association of Singapore 56th Dinner & Dance, 1993, Westin Plaza Hotel, Singapore

28 Dec 1992
Sing Singapore 1992 National Stadium, Singapore

22 Dec 1992, 4-5pm
NTUC Radioheart X'mas Special at Hospitals, Singapore

18 Dec 1992
11th SISEU- Singapore Industrial & Services Employees Union Dinner & Dance, Mandarin Ballroom, Singapore

13 Dec 1992
NTUC Women's "High Tea For Singles", Orchard Ballroom ll, Orchard Hotel Singapore

26 Nov 1992
NTUC Radioheart Media Presentation, Singapore

November 1992
Junior Police Officer's Karaoke Singing Contest (1992), JOM Police Officers' Mess, Singapore

02 Sep 1992
Singapore Professional Centre 21st Anniversary Celebration, in aid of the Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship Fund and helped raised S$70,000 Mandarin Singapore

22 August 1992
Pagkakaisahan '92, Filipino Association of Singapore 55th Dinner & Dance, Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore

09 Aug 1992
First National Day Campfire for Singapore, Padang, Singapore (with Guest of Honour Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong

18 July 1992
Celebrity Magazine "Celebrity Celebrates " with co-host Wee Teck, Singapore

04 July 1992
Miss Singapore World University/Manhunt University, Neptune Theatre, Singapore

18 May 1992, 9am -5pm
NTUC Membership Day, NTUC Club, Shenton Way, Singapore

26 April 1992
A Gift From The Heart for NTUC Childcare with Guest of Honour then—Sec-Gen NTUC and Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Ong Teng Cheong, Singapore . Launch of Pamela Wildheart original composition CHILD for NTUC Childcare

18 April 1992, 4-5pm
Sing Singapore Launch Show, Parkway Parade, Singapore

29 March 1992
Teens Studio, "Grand Official Launching, The Multi-Power Link Day" Big Splash, Singapore

23 Feb 1992
NTUC CLUB's 5th Anniversary bash, NTUC Club Shenton Way, Singapore

Hard Rock Café-Radio Heart Show, Hard Rock Singapore

Zouk–Radio Heart Show, Zouk, Singapore

GraceHaven Performance, Salvation Army, Pamela Wildheart performs with President Ong Teng Cheong on Piano

Celebrity Magazine Launch with co-host Jimmy Wong, Zouk, Singapore

Live Show Series – A Heartful of Golden Memories Launch 6 Months NTUC Radio Station Album Promotions (RadioHeart & Swiss Teo), Seiyu, Great World City, Parkway Parade, Bugis Junction, etc., Singapore

31 Dec 1991
Pan Singapore Karaoke Contest, Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore

21 Dec 1991
Handicaps Welfare Association Christmas Party, Kampong Ubi Community Centre, Singapore

12, 19, 24 & 31 Dec 1991
Concert- Rock & Roll Night with Pamela Wildheart, Ladyhill Hotel, Singapore

04 Dec 1991
NTUC FAIRPRICE "Clean and Green" Week Show, with Jessica, Nuradee, Douglas Oliveiro, Sentosa, Singapore

December 1991
Stardust II Night by National University of Singapore BIZAD Club, Singapore

04 & 16 Nov 1991
Clean and Green Week, Radioheart Show sponsored by NTUC Fairprice, Sentosa, Singapore

18 Oct 1991
Celebrity Splash in aid of the Spastics Children of Singapore, ANA Hotel Singapore

01 Aug 1991
Caldecott Launching Party (Singapore Broadcast Corporation), Composer to theme song and Opening Act, Khameleon Marina Village, Singapore

01 Aug 1991
Caldecott Theme Tune—original tune composition for Television Stinger, Singapore

20 April 1991
Wataboshi Song Festival, National Concert for the Disabled for The Singapore Council of Social Service, Singapore Conference Hall, Singapore (interpreter/performer for Mimi Ng Yit Ming)

04 Nov 1990
Studio de La- Rose Graduation Ceremony, Marina Mandarin, Singapore

3 Oct 1990
Ladyhill's 22nd Staff Party Show "One Night In Canton", Tudor Ballroom, GoodWood Park Hotel, Singapore

March 1990
Dynasty Hotel, Pamela with Prezzure, Contract Performance Series, Bill Bailey's Bar, Dynasty Hotel, Singapore

15 May – 03 July 1990
Ladyhill Hotel's Rock 'N Roll Show, Singapore

~~~~~~~ 1989-1980 ~~~~~~~

23 December 1989
Atlas Mining Christmas Show, Pamela with Prezzure, Atlas Clubhouse, Cebu, Philippines

November 30- 02 December 1989
Pamela with Prezzure, Bacolod City Show, Bacolod City, Philippines

25 November 1989
Privately Prezzured, Solo Concert with Prezzure the Band, King's Tavern, Cebu, Philippines

24 November 1989
Privately Prezzured, Solo Concert with Prezzure the Band, , King's Tavern, Cebu, Philippines

10, 11 & 12 November 1989
Theatre Performance- Theatre Show "Ang Tawo " The story is an adaptation of the English classic "Everyman. " (role as Bahandi, Wealth), STC Auditorium, Cebu, Philippines

28, October, 1989
Music Performance-Pamela with Prezzure "Spooky Saturday Show ", Magellan Hotel, Cebu Philippines

18-25 August 1989
Tropical Cuisine Show, Zamboanga City, Philippines

August 1989
Pamela with Prezzure, Bahia Beach Resort Concert, Cebu, Philippines

15 July 1989
Music Performance-The Great Rock N' Roll Party Concert, Cebu Coliseum, Cebu, Philippines

31 July – 12 Aug 1989
Cowrie Grill Steak House Performance, Pamela with Prezzure, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

14 July 1989
St. Moritz Hotel 10th Anniversary Show, Cebu, Philippines

12 July 1989
Halad for the Malnourished Children, Nutrition Month Performance,Department of Agriculture Region 7 Grounds, Cebu, Philippines

01 Aug – 31 Oct 1988
Petaling Jaya Hilton Performance with Pamela and Heads Together, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

14, 15, & 16 Feb 1988
Heartfully Yours, Pamela, Kings Tavern, Cebu City, Philippines

01-31 Jan 1988
Cairnhill Hotel Performance with Sophistfunk Band (American Band),

15 July 1987
January 1988, Pamela and Heads Together, Cairnhill Hotel, Singapore

15 July 1987
January 1988, Pamela and ZWZ, Cairnhill Hotel, Singapore

30 & 29 May 1987
Back From Another World, Solo Concert with Nightbirds Band, King's Tavern, Cebu, Philippines

07 April- May 1987
Bier Keller, Solo Guitar & Vocal Performance, Singapore,

15 June 1986- 01 January 1987
Pamela with The Crystals, Christine's Place, Johore Bahru, Malaysia

30 & 31 Aug 1986
Malaysia's Merdeka Celebration, Holiday Plaza, Johore Bahru, Malaysia

30 March 1986
Yukbo Concert, Fuente Osmena Grounds, Cebu Philippines
1986, Bicol Performance with Zap Band, Bicol, Philippines

July 1985
Light & Sound Performance with all female band KATZ, Makati, Philippines

01 March – 30 June 1985
Cebu Plaza Hotel Performance with NightShift Band, Alindahaw Bar, Cebu Plaza Hotel, Cebu, Philippines

03, 04 & 05 Aug 1984
Theatre Performance -Taym Pa, a theatre show cum musical, USC-GHS Cultural Centre, Cebu, Philippines

20, 21, 22 July 1984
Theatre Performance - Theatre Show "Taym Pa", (role as Demon Lucifer), USC-GHS Cultural Centre, Philippines

25 March 1983
Rock n Roll-The Keyboard Special with Allan Jayme Rabaya, Tuxedo Junction, Cebu, Philippines

26 March 1983
Standards-The Keyboard Special with Allan Jayme Rabaya, Tuxedo Junction, Cebu, Philippines

Japan Singing Engagements to Tokyo, Kyoto,

11 Dec 1982
Solid Rock Concert, USC Gymn-Cebu, Philippines

26 Sep 1982
Revival, the Concert, CIT Grounds, Cebu, Philippines

28-30 Sept 1982
Shakey's Rock n' Roll Festival, Cebu, Philippines

03 July 1982
A Concert For A Cause featuring Pamela and Friends, Ministry of Agriculture Compound, Cebu, Philippines

Japan Singing Engagements to Kobe, Osaka & Hiroshima

Metro Popular Music Festival, Cebu (finalist) for original song composition 'Kabataang Paglaum", Cebu Coliseum, Cebu, Philippines
* This is not a complete list

Pamela Wildheart -Awards & Credits

Finalist for Metro Popular Music Festival, Cebu for
original song composition 'KABATAANG PAGLAUM."

Youngest songwriter member of KAMSU, Kausahang Musikero sa Sugbo

1991 Singapore
Finalist, Interpreter, National Concert for the Disabled (Wataboshi) sponsored by the Community Chest of Singapore Song 'How Wonderful to See Hands Talk"
Some Original Jingles (Singapore)
1991 Caldecott Music Bite for TV promotions of Caldecott Launch
1992 NTUC Radioheart Jingle, Sunny Side Up Theme Songs

NTUC CHILDCARE Theme song "Child" (April 26, 1992) with Guest Of Honour, then NTUC Sec-Gen Mr. Ong Teng Cheong.

Happy Birthday Mr. President, Original song composed for
Singapore former President, His Excellence President Ong Teng Cheong

YAN Youth Activists' Theme Song, NTUC Youth

Juice-Up Natural Drink Jingle

1996 DESIGNA Shampoo Jingle
Wyeth Jingle
2009 Completed debut album recording Wild & Wicked of many original songs/compositions, English & Tagalog
For concerts and performances: / / facebook: pamela wildheart