My father is a role model to me. I used to help him by making sure all marked papers were in place. His being a medical practitioner and a dedicated professor was an eye-opener. I thought then, I wish to be a professor, to share, impart and make sure that my students not only understood the lectures, memorised and passed the exams, but that, the information I shared is relevant to their future careers. I do not teach mere academic courses. I teach communication of emotions, marketing of lifestyles, theories of existence & humanity and strategies of living. They are based on my experiences too, not prejudices or readings alone. I want to teach my students that- the art of learning is a privilege. It is a treasure in a secret chest of destiny, which, only they can open and set free forever!

My mom - since young, she made sure I get to the best school, learned the best education, read many books, watched movie and met many people. Thank you dad and mom - for the commitment and dedication to give me only the best.

Clifford too, my dearest friend and partner in life. He knew how important
it is to further my education…

And to all my students… from you all I learned and in the process, got energised.
You are amazing!

Pamela Wildheart, the Lecturer

My Students
My Lectures
The Schools
Art of Teaching

My Students
Here’s is a collection of my student’s comments about “the Pamela Wildheart”
Lectures…Thank you dear students for your thoughts...

Unlike most lecturers, Pamela loved sharing her experiences with us -from the times she used to work at the BirdPark to how she started pursuing her dream as a musician. She was consistently filled with joy and life- she is certainly a live & breathing inspiration to many. Her lectures were always filled with excitement and animation. Never a dull moment, even when it came to the submission of our final project! Instead of always following the usual, Pamela encouraged our creativity and innovation to flow freely. I most definitely enjoyed the 3 semesters spent with her and
I wish her all the best in whatever she does!

Abigail Wong Ai En,
Foundations of Mass Communication, Principles of Public
Relations & New Media & Technology

Ms Pamela is an inspiration to me. Although she taught us for only a short but intensive duration of 5days, I've learnt much from her. She inspires me with the things she has done, her achievements and most importantly- her attitude and passion in everything she does-be it in lecturing, making music and being in the public relations field. One of the most important things she taught me is that-- you should never be afraid to try different things. After all, you never know until you try. Thank you again for the wonderful 5 days :)

Alyssa Bianca Prenda,
Public Relations: Strategic Planning & Management

It’s hard to find a lecturer who teaches with passion and love. Pamela successfully accomplishes these and delivers the module in ways that are interactive and engaging. Thank you Pam! :)
Live it Loud!

Benjamin Benism Zhou,
Introduction to Public Relations

I really enjoy being taught by Pamela. She made the subject I studied really twice more fun. I’m doing my degree now and find that everything she taught me was really useful. I’m really lucky to have Pamela as my lecturer. I really wish she could teach me again.

Debora Wisye Wiratno,
Principles of Public Relations

Where she might be petite in stature, Pamela Wildheart's personality and exuberance is somewhat larger than life. She is amongst a rare breed of educators who possess the ability to transform the learning process by tearing away the monotony and imposing her undeniable passion and zest for life. Her care and willingness to assist in the learning process, coupled with her colorful anecdotes and experiences, have made attending her lectures both joyful and extremely informative.
I am very fortunate to have been her student.

Divian Nair,
Foundations of Mass Communication, Principles of Public
Relations & New Media & Technology

You're a cool, multi-talented lecturer who knows what you're teaching 'cause you've been through many careers in the media industry. You have a wide experience so we're lucky to have you taught us new things. I'm glad I have a rock star teacher!

Farhani Ferhanie ,
Principles of Public Relations & New Media & Technology

Pamela Wildheart is a wonderful teacher - there is passion, energy, and humour in each of her lessons. What remains consistent is her push for her students to think further, better, and wider; to not reject a wacky idea; and the importance of being able to package a complex idea into a simple, easily understood summation.

Hamizah Azmee,
Principles of Public Relations

Pamela Wildheart… without her, my student days wouldn't be as colourful, joyful, and exciting as it was! She has this amazing energy when she talks. I love it. Her energetic gestures and lively discussions excite me to come to class. Sometimes, I wonder, what is it like to be her... to have loads of fun experiences in the media industry and to have this positive attitude towards life. She is a great lecturer! Also, an awesome, talented singer! way to go Pam :)

Intania Primasari Prionggo,
Foundations of Mass Comm & Principles of Public Relations

You gave real life experiences as example -which is more interesting!

Jiaen Koh,
Foundations of Mass Communications

I couldn't believe it when I found out that Pamela Wildheart is my lecturer!!! So cool... her hair, her style, her dress sense.... I was so happy and excited. As a lecturer, I am so honoured to have Pamela- sharing her immense wealth of experience. She is truly a MEDIA PRACTITIONER... in fact.... I think she is the personification of MEDIA itself.... She stands firm in what she believes not afraid to speak her mind. As a media person, she is up-to-date with trends and technology. She knows what works and what doesn't. She had shared invaluable knowledge to her students. I've benefited so much from her class. It’s humbling that she’s so personable to her students too. Thank you for being my teacher and for showing me what Mass Communication is all about!

Julia Chong,
Foundations of Mass Communication

Pamela is the coolest lecturer I've ever met! She's so kind, understanding, knowledgeable, fashionable, talented and most important - she has a good sense of humor :) Also, she always finds time to meet students outside class time for advice if we ask her. She's adorable! I really miss her so much. Love you, Pam :)

Kariza Nurmasari,
Foundations of Mass Comm & Principles of Public Relations

Your lectures were fun and entertaining. It provided me with lots of new knowledge which I can put into good use in the future. You have been a great source of Inspiration.

Koh Zhao Kang Shawn,
Public Relations: Strategic Planning & Management

With Pamela’s special gift for teaching and a heart that deeply cares, she added lots of love to everything she shares. She sparks the creativity in me as a student. She helped me to strive for my goals, priceless! Pam, you are a great teacher. Words could not express my gratitude and thank you for all your help. The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.

Lisa Md Salleh,
Foundations of Mass Communications

I think u r great as a lecturer! Your lessons are entertaining even though the subject may be a bit dry. Keep up your good work. Hope to see u in SIM and giving my class lessons again. Also appreciate your help given during projects and exam period. Thanks again!!!

Louis Chan,
Workplace Communication Skills

Pamela is an amazing and interesting lecturer. Her lectures are always full of energy. I totally love all her real life experiences shared with us. This actually gave us a head start what to expect in the real world of Mass Communications.

Louis Nicholas Retnam,
Foundations of Mass Communications


Loud, Entertaining & Informative! Never boring!

Muhammad Faizal Bin Ismail,
Foundations of Mass Communication

Pamela's classes are always interesting and fun, most importantly easy to understand. She goes the extra mile to help students in understanding and completing their work. Fantastic lecturer!

Natalie Toh,
Foundations of Mass Communications

Pamela Wildheart, always the lecturer who adds spice, fun and laughter to her lessons. Kudos to her efforts....God Bless!

Randy Ezekiel Seah,
Foundations of Mass Communications

Workplace Skills is probably a soft skill subject which is very dry. I appreciate your effort in making the class as lively as possible. Kudos and thanks!

Sherman Lim,
Workplace Communication Skills

I’ve always had the impression that PR was an admin job and that it is boring. But with Ms Pamela teaching, it was far from it. Lessons were fun, interesting and exciting. She never failed to keep us entertained with her bubbly personality and engaging stories. She pushed us beyond our boundaries to prepare us for life after school and helped mould us into future PR practitioners.

Siti Soleha Noorhisham,
Public Relations: Strategic Planning and Management

Pamela made tutorials fun and taught us so much from her vast experience and expertise. :D Go Pamela!

Spanky Han,
Radio Production & Journalism 101

4 words for you Pamela - LOVE

L for loving - You're one of my lecturers who offers extended help to all her students and love him/her as a true friend.

O for optimistic -Your genuine laughter and the wide smile on you bring us the heartfelt emotions which did touch and keep the whole class alive. Especially in the mornings, when everyone is still dragging their feet for lessons.

V for Vivid - The memories we once shared together during the lessons course are as vivid as the dress code on you. Your colours are vibrant and lively which represent the joy and fun in your lectures.

E for enthusiastic -It express the enthusiasm in your coaching as a professional lecturer. Though many, many times we approached you for extended help and advise, you are always patient and never ever say “no” to us. A big thank you my dear Pamela, Love you. God Bless everyone :)

Stella Tan Li Zhi,
Principles of Public Relations

Not many teachers will stay in your memory always but Miss Pamela will. I still remembered when I first attended my part-time module for Foundation of Mass Communication class. Everyone was tired after a long day, but only one person stood there, full of energy-Miss Pam. Never came across such a talented teacher throughout my life.

Sugmad Eshwar,
Foundations of Mass Communication

Miss Pamela Wildheart never fails to bring sunshine into the classroom. What she says will always make you feel alive in action. Please stay colourful and continue to brighten up the lives of others as you have done for mine. I can safely bet I've never met a more interesting and engaging lecturer like you thus far. Take care and all the best in your future endeavours.

Tobias Chan Zi Wei,
Foundations of Mass Communication

Ms Pam’s amazing teaching techniques are always a delight to look out for.

Spontaneous, fun-loving and articulate, she really is!
It’s a joy being her student! Ms Pam, keep rocking- being that fantastic lecturer that u are. Cheers!

Vanie Jayram,
Foundations of Mass Communication

During the lectures, Pamela always asked us whether the lecture is too fast. To me (a foreign student), Pamela really cares about her students no matter which country, they are from.

Yume Yee Wen,
Foundations of Mass Communication, Principles of Public
Relations & New Media & Technology

My Lectures (Current & Past) details below:
Here’s a list of educational institutions or schools I’m currently teaching or
have taught in the past…

PAMELA WILDHEART with students from MDIS for Public Relations:
Strategic Planning and Management

(2010) current and advanced contract booking till December 2010

Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) for Oklahoma University, USA

a) Level: Advanced Diploma in Public Relations, for Mass Communication
Subject: Principles in Public Relations Strategic Planning & Management

Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)
for Edith Cowan University, Australia

a) Level: Bachelors Degree for Mass Communication
Subject: Strategic Advertising & Planning, Advertising Campaigns


PAMELA WILDHEART with students from SMA School of Management

For more photos of SMAsom students click the link below:

Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation (SMa) School of Management

a) Level: Bridging Course-Mass Communication, Diploma & Degree Programmes
Subject: Media & New Technology, upcoming Principles in Public Relations

b) Level: Diploma, Mass Communications for Murdoch University, Australia
Subject: Foundations of Mass Communication (day and night class)

c) Level: Diploma, Mass Communications for Murdoch University, Australia
Subject: Principles of Public Relations


PAMELA WILDHEART with students from SIM,
Singapore Institute of Management, Bachelor’s Degree

For more photos of SIM students click the link below:

Singapore Institute of Management University (SIM) for Royal Melbourne
Institute and Technology (RMIT), Australia

Level: Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma in Financial Service (ongoing)
Subject: Workplace Communication Skills
Duration: 8th Semesters/intake

* Upcoming and Negotiations for Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS)
* Lecture dates are by schedule and there windows of breaks in between
the confirmed lectures


Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) for Royal Melbourne Institute
and Technology (RMIT) Mass Communication Programme

Level- Bachelor’s Degree Programmes
Subjects: Communication Management/ Strategic Management/Advertising Management, Promotional Strategy.
Duration: 7 years

Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) in partnership with Institute of Public Relations

a) Level: Post Diploma in Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy
Subject: Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy
Duration: 6 Semester/intake


Marketing Communications students

b) School:
Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) in partnership with National
University of Singapore Extension

Level: Post Graduate/ Advanced Diploma
Subject: Asia Pacific Marketing Communication Strategy
Duration: 7 semesters/ intake

International Business Management Education Centre IBMEC) for Griffith University, Australia for Mass Communication Programmes

a) Levels: Bachelor’s Degree Programme, Advanced Diploma & Diploma,
Subjects include: New Communications & Media Technology, Introduction to Effective Public Relations & Advertising Management, Creativity & Innovation, and Publicity Strategy, Marketing, International Marketing, Global Marketing
Duration: 4 years

International Business Management Education Centre (IBMEC)
for University of Technology Sydney

Level: Higher Diploma
Subject: Creativity and Innovation, Principles of Management
Duration: 3 years

International Business Management Education Centre (IBMEC) for University of Technology Sydney

Level: Advanced Diploma Level
Subject: Marketing Management: An Asian Perspective
Duration: 3 years

International Business Management Education Centre (IBMEC) for Supervisory Management and Development Programme and Written Communications (SMDP & WC) for SAF WARRANT OFFICER SCHOOL, Pasir Laba Camp

Level: Training Programme for all Officers/Levels
Subject: Principles of Management
Duration: 1 semester/intake

Auston School of Management and Technology for New South Wales University Mass Communication Programme

Level: Bachelor’s Degree and Advanced Diploma Students
Subjects include: Promotional Practice, Public Relations Process and Management.
(Also responsible for setting examinations, coursework notes and guidelines)
Duration: Associate Lecturer (3 years and current/part-time)

Auston School of Management and Technology for Edith Cowan University Mass Communication Programme

Level: Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma Programmes
Subjects: Publicity Strategy, Promotional Practice, Marketing Principles, International Marketing, Global Communications
Duration: 4 years

Auston School of Management and Technology for Upper Iowa University Mass Communication Programme

Level: Bachelor’s Degree and Advanced Diploma Programmes
Subjects: International Marketing, Media in Asia, Marketing Cases, Public Relations
Duration: 4 years

Thames Business School Singapore (member of Informatics Group)

Level: Bachelor’s Degree, Advance Diploma, Higher Diploma and Diploma for Mass Communication, Business Management
Subjects Include: Mass Communication, Public Relations, Marketing, Selling &
Sales Management, Journalism, Advertising, Radio & TV Production,
Communication & Social Control

*Also wrote Study Guide Books for Radio Journalism & TV Production
(Also responsible for setting examinations, coursework notes and guidelines)

*Initiated the Mass Communication syllabus revision/change
Duration: 5 years

Purple Train (Informatics)

Level: Bachelor’s Degree, Advance Diploma, Higher Diploma for Mass Communication
Subject: Mass Communication Overview, Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising & Promotions, Selling & Sales Management, Principles of Marketing
Duration: 1 year

Thames Business School, Singapore for London Chamber of Commerce
& Industry Board (LCCI)

Level: Advanced Diploma and Higher Diploma
Subject: Marketing, Selling & Sales Management, Advertising,
Public Relations, Principles of Marketing

*also conducted reviews for students
Duration: 4 years

About The Schools
Below brief information about the local educational institutions affiliated
with international & globally recognized Universities I have taught…
*This list is partial only

Singapore Institute of Management

SIM is the largest and most comprehensive solutions provider of private tertiary and professional training in Singapore. It was founded in 1964 as a membership society under the Economic Development Board and today, boasts over 29,000 corporate and individual members.

SIM University (UniSIM) is the first privately-funded local university dedicated to the learning needs of working professionals and approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to issue its
own degrees in a comprehensive range of disciplines;

SIM Global Education offers high-quality overseas degree programmes through its partnerships with 11 established international universities and institutions from all the over the world.


SIM Headquarters
461 Clementi Road, Singapore 599491
SIM University
Tel (65) 6248 9777

SIM Global Education
(65) 6248 9746

Singapore Manufacturers Federation
School of Management

Today, SMa represents 2,600 corporate members across 11 different industry groups. Charged with a mission to enhance the global competitiveness of our member enterprises, SMA works closely with various government agencies like EDB, IES, WDA, SPRING SINGAPORE, IDA, MOM, NEA.It has a membership of 2,600 corporate members. Sam School of Management (SMa-SOM) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Singapore Manufacturers' Federation (SMa), a leading business federation with over 77 years of establishment in Singapore. SMa has been providing training and certification courses since 1966 and annually train over 6,500 participants.


HQ Office
2 Bukit Merah Central #11-00 SPRING Singapore Building
Singapore 159835

SPRING Campus:
2 Bukit Merah Central #07-00 SPRING Singapore Building
Singapore 159835

Admission Enquiry Hotline : (65) 6572 5600

City Campus:
410 North Bridge Road #02-00 Singapore 188726

Admission Enquiry Hotline : (65) 6622 6622

The Management Development
Institute of Singapore (MDIS)

Founded in 1956, MDIS is Singapore's oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning. In its fifth decade, MDIS has maintained its dedication to professionals through the provision of well-accredited courses, seminars and management services. MDIS provides opportunities for individuals to develop professionally through academic programmes in the areas of Business and Management, Mass Communications, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Psychology, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management and Engineering offered in collaboration with highly acclaimed universities in Australia, France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Unlike most other Private Education Organisations, MDIS is a not-for-profit organisation affiliated with 40 universities all over the world who recognise our courses.

It has more than 12,500 students, 53 years of academic excellence, 9 university partners, 3 quality awards


501 Stirling Road
Singapore 148951
Tel: 6278 8000
Fax: 6378 5312

Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS)

For over 36 years, MIS has been instrumental in leading efficient and effective marketing management practices in Singapore. As the National Body for Sales and Marketing, 40,000 sales and marketing professionals have been trained –some of whom are industry leaders today.

As a leader in marketing and business education, MIS place strong emphasis on the quality and delivery of their academic programmes. The Marketing Institute of Singapore has played an active role in the formation of the Asia Marketing Foundation (AMF), as a founding member and its education headquarters since 1991. AMF is a regional body with the aim of promoting co-operation and the exchange of information on marketing among member countries. It comprises 18 national marketing bodies from the region, including Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand.

10 Raeburn Park, Block C #01-33, Singapore 088702
Tel: 6411 1700
Email: /

National University of Singapore Extension

Starting out in 1905 as a small medical college, NUS is today internationally acknowledged as a global university of high standing. Its rich heritage and achievements over a century are captured in broad strokes in the sections on the succession of Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors who have helmed the University, and the NUS Milestones.

NUS Extension is the business enterprise of the National University of Singapore. It is the continuing education arm of the National University of Singapore (NUS), the nation’s premier university. For more than 40 years since its inception in 1966 as the Extra-mural Studies Department of the then University of Singapore, NUS Extension has dedicated itself to providing a meaningful and enriching experience for lifelong learners. It offers key disciplines in: Professional and Management (Staying Relevant), Enterprise Leadership (Cultivating Leaders), Entrepreneurship Development (Nurturing Entrepreneurs) and Personal Enrichment (Enhancing the Individual)

NUS Extension (A Business Unit of NUS Enterprise)
9 Penang Road #12-01 Park Mall Singapore 238459
Tel: +65 6338 8400
Fax: +65 6338 7619

Art of Teaching

Pamela Wildheart on a leisurely tour at the Singapore
Institute of Management Singapore.

Mark van Doren said: "The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery."
And: Who dares to teach must never cease to learn. ~John Cotton Dana

I am thankful to all my students for being able to give me the desire to learn from them. I will continue to teach and conduct my own courses aside from the academic lectures.

If there is one profession that has kept me “dynamic and going” as a person,
it is the art of teaching…

-Pamela Wildheart