I love working! "I would rather do a damn good job or else nothing at all!"

"I find joy waking up in the morning knowing that there are people who are waiting for my ideas, my knowledge, expertise and presence to complete a job. I find this the ultimate satisfaction--to challenge one’s mind everyday with new thoughts, direction and innovation. It’s a gift to meet new friends and sometimes get intense emotionally with conflicts and differences. To me working relationships should have pros and cons. A good environment encourages differing ideas towards mutual direction. Through these differences, perfection inevitably follows...

Current Job:
Free-Lance Celebrity Show Host, Voice Talent, Singer and Musician, Song Writer, Lecturer, Trainer, Writer, Marketing Communications Campaign Consultant, Event Management, Radio & TV Producer and Script Writer, Media Concept Designer and Director

Former Jobs Held:
Management, Leisure & Attractions

  • Senior Manager, Corporate Communications (Marketing)- Jurong BirdPark
  • Senior Manager, Sales & Corporate Affairs (Marketing)- Jurong BirdPark
  • Senior Manager, Sales (Local & International) - Wildlife Reserves Singapore (Jurong BirdPark, Singapore Zoo & Night Safari)
  • Advertising & Promotions Manager – Wildlife Reserves Singapore


Job Tips: If you love adventure, the outdoors and birds, meeting people from all over the world, travelling, irregular and long working hours and creative thinking. Grab this job! This is the most timely and highly watched industry in Singapore with the opening of new attractions, casinos, and integrated resorts!!

My job requires good corporate communications to media first, then also to stakeholders, potential sponsors and adopters, visitors of all kinds. A large media network is essential for maximum media support to promote the park.

Earlier I was responsible for advertising campaigns, managing of budgets and sales. It was truly a challenging time getting clients to sign deals. It’s great to do all aspects of Marketing. It gives you an experience hard to beat knowing that you have practically "tried it all!"

Associate Lecturer

  • Singapore Institute of Singapore (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)

  • Marketing Institute of Singapore for National University of Singapore Extension

  • Marketing Institute of Singapore in partnership with Institute of Public Relations

  • International Business Management Education Centre (IBMEC) for Griffith University, Australia for Mass Communication Programmes

  • International Business Management Education Centre (IBMEC) for University of Technology Sydney

  • School: International Business Management Education Centre (IBMEC) for Supervisory Management and Development Programme and Written Communications (SMDP & WC) for SAF WARRANT OFFICER SCHOOL, Pasir Laba Camp

  • Auston School of Management and Technology for New South Wales University Mass Communication Programme

  • Auston School of Management and Technology for Edith Cowan University Mass Communication Programme

  • Auston School of Management and Technology for Upper Iowa Universitv Mass Communication Programme

  • Thames Business School Singapore (member of Informatics Group)

  • Purple Train (Informatics)

  • Thames Business School, Singapore for London Chamber of Commerce & Industry Board (LCCI)

Job Tips: While I did only part time lectures, it practically occupied my lifestyle at one point. I had to wear formal jackets in more earthy tones and skirts will need to go lengthier than usual. Of course you have to read more, be exceptionally knowledgeable for every lecture topic. Students today have totally evolved from the traditional classroom environment. They are well read, communicate effectively using technology, chat and blog you and your lifestyle, so there’s no turning back.

Among all the jobs I have done, lecturing is probably the most fulfilling. Sharing knowledge in the classroom, talking and giving examples are truly very challenging. If you love sharing knowledge, patient in answering questions, have a good sense of humour, open to ideas and less judgmental, you can be a good lecturer. By the way no favourites please despite some fun chemistry with a selected few…


Professional Trainer of Personal Course "ShowHost Your Way to Success" Presentation Skills

Showhost your Way to Success by Pamela Wildheart is a personal training programme which aims to improve vocal power, stage presentation skills and techniques, microphone management, conquering the live audience, managing stage fright and more to become a dynamic Showhost.

This carefully crafted show host training is practical, easy to follow, applicable to Asian Show Hosts, and is personally compiled, written and presented by Pamela Wildheart. The information pack will be printed in a book soon!

Job Tips: Boy! In this job, you have to be a well-known authority in the field. You have to earn an existing, positive and commanding reputation, enough to make potential clients pay in order to be taught.. It’s difficult to become a "guru" when you yourself can’t exude knowledge. A specialty is essential. As for my case, vocal power and speech patterns on stage are my specialties. It’s truly a fun job as you watch the transformation of students from the shy, awkward, non-confident speaker to a more self-assured, positive and quality Showhost! What a marvel!

Management of Own Company

Wow! Managing your own business was a tough cookie to crack! Although I was fairly successful, I yet have to harness the discipline needed for the job. I had my fair share of support from everyone. I managed media plans, advertising campaigns, marketing communications strategies, live events, produced programmes for both radio and TV, worked on websites and offered training and endorsements of products. I even did sales calls and product launches.

The idea of managing your own business was good…but I got bored with it. I was really loaded for a while, and then realised that in order for me to have my next meal I must start working harder every month… tcccchh I though I needed a break.

Ideally, it’s great and may be doing so in the near future!!! Not a bad idea..you reap your own profits and its quite satisfying to discover you can make soooooo much more if you worrrrrrrkkkkkk harder!

Broadcast & Media Industry- Management of Radio Broadcast programming

Radio is a dynamic and truly fulfilling job. You can’t be heading programming without any special training, acumen for broadcast and hands-on experience. Radio personalities are wild, crazier than most, highly energetic, talented and with high temperament. You have to know how to mange talents, appreciate it, support and respect it too. Your role is not just to manage talents, but also to nurture and ensure these personalities do not clash but complement each other. I worked in broadcast media for 7 successful years, with no regrets. Truly the best moments of my life.

Hosting programmes like I did for the morning show was not just about waking up at 4 am every morning. Then, we started talk radio on Singapore airwaves, very much a pioneer during those days. Many called in with topics and views to share. I had so many fans that I received almost 2,000 letters weekly at one point for my radio programmes. Loyal listeners even sent breakfast daily to make sure I did no go hungry. I also signed autographs and took photos with fans.

Unlike many radio folks then, it helped I was already a life singing Showhost and performer, well traveled and used to all the adulation.

My schedules were tight too with meeting celebrities, attending social functions, even traveling to Las Vegas to meet Julio Iglesias and watch his concert.

For this job, you have to be constantly researching for new ideas or your listeners can easily switch you off.

It helps to look good always as you will be interviewed in newspapers, appear in live shows, and consistently be seen in public. This help in boosting your popularity for higher radio ratings.

Hey!!!! Don’t forget academic training gives you an edge above the rest, it also allows you to understand better how broadcast media works particularly in Singapore.

Also you have to have ready talents, a unique voice, a speaking manner very much captivating or on its way to become one, a lot of guidance, a good mentor, and lots of luck too since there are too many talents out there eager to get that one big break to be above the rest!!

Voice Talent

While you may not be able to get a job on radio, you can still work to get your voice be heard. Commercial ads for broadcast are a-plenty and you can certainly earn lots of money just by using your voice for commercials, special programmes and characters and even singing jingles.

While waiting for your “big” chance you have to work really hard with your voice, exploring its various tones, range and flexibility. You have to work hard with accents –this means developing a local accent to foreign accents when required. It will come handy one way or the other.

Looking good is "must have" in this business. It helps to look better than most so you can be the “face” in a product instead to merely the voice. Product endorsements are lucrative and it helps establish your presence.

If you have tremendous broadcast production skills, multimedia acumen and training, wow..this is even better so you can end up scripting and creating ads, producing programmes, producing music, talent placement and adding that final postproduction to an ad. Now!! This will certainly seal the deal for you!

Job Tips: Stop whining, complaining and feeling bad you are not on "air." The first step is to be heard. Record you voice; take training lessons if you can. Assess the depth and tone of your voice and how far it can take you. Polish your language skills for both written and spoken, as it is needed to remain on top. Change styles, experiment with all forms of vocal styles. Listen to top presenters not only in Singapore but also around the world to be more exposed. Volunteer if you must in every broadcast opportunity. Apply, apply, apply and do not be easily disheartened!


The Entertainer

Now… this needs heaps of natural talents, a busload of ready supporters for morale boost, encouraging and understanding love partners willing to allow you much free and odd hours.
If your forte is music as a singer, get on with the rehearsals, know the best musicians and work with the best. Listen to all genres of music, not just R & B or Rock, you have to know and find out what genre best fulfills your inner desire for music upliftment.

Nothing beats a singer who can truly sing, a singer who can sing and dance, a singer who can sing in many languages, a singer with a wide repertoire, or a singer who plays musical instruments

You have to have an edge above the rest. You may extend your talents to functions and shows even for free in the beginning of your career to develop your singing and stage talents.

While singing is challenging, a total entertainer truly does live magic once onstage, this is what you should master. Being able to stand out in a crowd is power. This is stage presence and charisma incorporated.Not all good singers are good entertainers. Good singers can venture to recording programmes and make money from there, but good entertainers are sought after, always in demand, and remembered longer even after their death.

Job Tips: Have the voice please! Listen, record, learn, and be open to criticism. Sing, sing, sing, sing as much as you can… the more you practice the better you sound. The more you sing in front of a crowd the more confidence you gain, I have performed on top of a truck, a stage made of two barrels, amidst the rain, amidst the scorching sun, in a beach party where no sound system was available-yet the guests kept screaming ..louder..louder and louder.. You can’t afford to get sick! On stage no pain, no glory. You have to look good, appear to feel good and deep inside really be good in order to make everyone enjoy and feel good too!

No cigarettes please, no liquor and intoxicated state, as this is only ideal if you are looking for a one-night show. Believe it or not, no one wants to hire a drunkard performer in almost any part of the world!!

The ShowHost

I have probably hosted close to zillions of shows-or at least it feels like it! Yet, not every show is the same. Energyyyyy heaps of it..to keep the crowd going is the name of this game. You have to understand your style, your overall potential. No two show hosts are the same, yet everyone usually copies or adapts from each other at some point. No harm there, but try to be original and master your craft. Take lessons, study, and take every opportunity to learn. Host shows with a wide range of challenges from children’s parties to senior citizen’s karaoke. Through these wide range of experiences comes the master of the stage!

Always improve with every performance. You can probably focus on a small part or feature of a show but then at least you are moving forward. Always be neat, rest well, spend your time preparing rather than "bombing" the evening away aimlessly.
With dedication and zest for learning you can become a master show host in due time.

Job Tips: Have an open personality, able to accept the requirements of various corporations with differing requirements. You must be well read enough to crack jokes in the language of your audience. Showhosting on the contrary needs extra intelligence to to engage a wide range of audiences who may be university speakers, lecturers, doctorate holders, well traveled and are Showhosts themselves. In order to confidently face the giants…you, David have to prepare the stones…

The Writer

Writing, while it remains a pastime, provided me additional dollars and cents at a young age. It is one job which can be lucrative income spinner, when mastered well.

Writing is a skill that can be achieved through basic training, practice and dedication. Knowing the basics from the classroom or through actual journalism jobs can work both ways.

Writers need to read a lot for reference, talk to live subjects for better perspectives, exchange ideas through chats and prepare the literature with discipline for deadlines.

Then, you can develop and understand characterizations essential for creative writing. Even thesis and journals will require the same measure of research, what varies may be the treatment of the literature.

Style of writing can be developed through time. The more you write the better you become. Even better, writing allows your mind to be free to express itself. In this process, it transcends borders and time.

Job Tips: You need an excellent grasp of the vocabulary, language mastery preferably in English or the language native to you, an inquisitive mind, insatiable appetite for interesting facts, a good sense of order and framework to construct the story line or progress of thoughts. You will also need lots of privacy to think better, a good working discipline to finish an article, a lot of research materials, lots of paper and pen, a good computer for speedy editing, and of course no phones, no TVs for total focus when writing.

Workaholic and Thinking!


"Nothing disgusts me more than someone who diminishes their work as a routine and a regular job. That’s meaningless. We’ve got to make a contribution big or small. This is passion, not obsession, to take time and effort to find new meaning in one’s life and job, to change the shape of things, even if it is a small effort, it is a good beginning…"

People of the BirdPark
These are colleagues who were working at the time I was, some may no longer be working in the BirdPark today.

"I’ve worked with some of the most adorable, admirable and lovable people in the park. They have contributed so much and yet they remain steadfast and always ready to lend a hand, I’ve etched them in my heart and they will remain friends for life…"

Working with Pamela Wildheart


"She…so cute!!!"
Agnes, Retail

“Fills the room with her presence, like sunshine on a rainy day. Very professional in her job approach, eloquent and looks good all the time. I will always remember her as a colourful personality,”
Ai Ling, HR Department



Always calls my name, greets me, generous and very thoughtful person, never forget to share things, unexpectedly remembers always, like special occasions, very hardworking and so much energy.”
Alex, Birds of Prey

Alvin, F & B

"I like the way she talks and acts..it touches my heart. She is very friendly, very unique, very beautiful even the way she catwalks."
Anjali, F & B

"She’s always cheerful, very alive and always greets me."
Annie, Retail

"Very friendly, never talking down, easy going but very strict with work to maintain standards. I like working with her, I can work all day smiling."
Anthony, Chef

"She is very nice and good. Works really hard too. Beautiful!"

"Fun, spontaneous, eventful, sexy, true to herself, joy to behold..makes me speechless."
Azahar, Birds n Buddies Show

"Always cheerful person, very helpful, treats everyone like a friend, never forgets to greet us, and very hardworking always."
Aziz, Panorail

“Very stylish, always cheerful, very friendly and warm.”
Azrin, Panorail

"Very resourceful, unique laughter that brings so much joy to me, very detailed, strong woman, can learn a lot from her and absolutely unforgettable!"
Benedict, Intern

"Outspoken, works hard for the park and always allows others to explore their talents."
Budiman, Penguin Expedition

"Demands only the best in service standards, very cheerful."
Caselin, Food & Beverage

Chee Wee, Birds n Buddies Show

"Expect the unexpected, a lot of knowledge and experience, always willing to help."
Clarence Saw, Birds of Prey Shows

"She has the drive for excellence, so may seem demanding. Outspoken, very friendly. She never bears grudges..she loves the sinner but hates the sin."
Clement, Intern

“Very nice and always ready to greet me. Jokes a lot and very funny"
Conling, Security

"Fun and nice lady. Compliments me and makes my day."
Dana, Bird Photography area

“Flambouyant, brings so much joy, very cheerful, truly sooo charming she can melt you with her charisma.”
Derek, Education

"Warm person, very generous and very lovable. Her work is very creative and colourful always."
Doris- HR Department

"Fashionista, always coordinated in her dressing. Initially looks strict, but truly and approachable and naturally nice person."
Dr. Ben, BRC, Avian Department

"An energizer, source of ideas and very powered with passion when tasked."
Dr. Minerva, Avian Department

"Approachable, open to different ideas, very dedicated."
Dr. Yang, Avian Hospital

“I really miss her,the only one I can speak Japanese in the BirdPark. Every time I have a long day after treating birds in the hospital, she inspires with so much energy. Amazing! We have the same age, yet she is so energetic and always happy. She always gives me this positive ,great feeling.”
Dr. Chiharu, Avian Hospital

“Fun to be with at all times, never a dull moment, very humorous and veryyyyy talented artiste, would love to play music with her.”
Edrian, Avian Department

"Wherever I meet Pamela, she is always so bubbly & radiates like the sun."
Eileen, Birds n Buddies Show

"Highly approachable, open-minded, very beautiful and energetic."
Elden, Avian Hospital

"Most stylish and saucy lady in Jurong BirdPark."
Elisher, Retail

"Pamela is a loud ,very stylish & hip hop person. She always treats me good and says she likes me a lot, this makes me feel very happy."
Ernie, Frontline Guest Relations

" Motherly & nurturing, highly efficient, fast, straight to the point, yet can have lots of fun, demands from everyone..she’s crazy and fun."
Evelyn, Birds of Prey Shows

  “I miss working with her, her voice, her fashion sense; It’s so easy to spot Pamela Wildheart 100 metres away or even further. Not easy to miss, very colourful and always shares brilliant and creative ideas, always ready to help.”
Faith, Education Department

"Always assist where she can, knowledgeable with sound systems and many things."
Fauzi, Sound System, Maintenance

"Gives clear instructions, particular and demands always for the best, never proud. Where work requires she is considerate & understands why it cannot be done."
Gan Tiong, Avian

“Pamela is a very energetic person, always moving fast and cheerful. Make no mistake though, she means business and even better—she delivers what she promises. She’s also thoughtful and creative. Truly great to work with.”
Gan, Birds of Prey Shows

"A rewarding and fun experience ! Always humorous. Always greets colleagues, no matter how busy she is."
Gerren Chia, Avian Hospital

“Demanding, Intelligent, Vivacious, Authoritative! Oh, wait. D-I-V-A doesn’t spell PAM? Wait. I can do this. Perpetually Annoying Me! Yet as endearing as can be. Pam can be the sweetest yet the bitchiest. One can never ask for more when it comes to Pam. 1 Pam is all the world needs. Working with her is a roller coaster ride, the ups and the downs and yet leaving you happily satisfied.”
Gloria, A & P

"Dramatic Queen, cute and bubbly, full of charisma."
Ida, Frontline, Guest Relations

"So sweet and charming. Very friendly, open-minded, and its always nice to talk to her. Very lovely too.!"
Jackie Khonder, Operations

"Easy to understand, never talks down, always ready to greet me early in the morning, it makes me feel special."
Jasnee, Horticulture

"She looks young and gorgeous always."
June, Retail

“Can’t forget her smell, soooo nice fills the room! She is full of life, energy, colourful and truly fun to work with.”
June, Education

"Colourful, flamboyant, never boring, loud with a distinctive and unforgettable voice."
Jennifer, Education

"Energetic, sweet & ….sweet!"
Jim, Penguin Exhibition photography

"Outgoing, friendly, very warm person, always greeting me. She mixes well with everyone, very open-minded. But strict with work to meet standards."
Joe, Birds n Buddies Show

"Easy to work with,, surprisingly always able to compromise once you explain to her, gifted."
John Tan, Retail

“Pamela is truly great to work with. Very “shook”, very energetic, friendly and very helpful.”
John Tan, Project

"She’s X--tremely friendly. Very good! And X-tremely HOT!"
Jonathan, Birds n Buddies Show

"A lot of fun, never boring, never a dull moment & definitely entertaining!"
June, Birds n Buddies Show

“ Lively, entertaining, definitely crazy , fun loving , exceptionally thoughtful, very strict with work, made me work hard, ---really hard--- in order to learn, straightforward, enthusiastic personality and a real fashionista, whew! like my age man!!!"
Kelvin, Intern

"Very friendly, very modern style and always smiling."
Kevin Ho, F & B

"I miss the vibrancy, energy, so sweet, loving, caring…..always on the lookout for the welfare of the staff, spirit is everywhere.”
Khairizal, Marketing Dept

"She’s very intelligent and a strong woman!"
Liezl, F & B

“The days that passed have never been the same, now cheery greetings and not forgetting all my beauty tips only from Pamela Wildheart. She is a great and true friend ever since I knew her from our days in marketing dept in the zoo. We laughed, joked, cried and bitch together. Truly someone I miss so much. I just love her, Hope she stays as bright as sunshine wherever she goes.”
Linda, Catering Sales

"Smart marketing lady. On the field day in and day out so close to the staff"
Mark Cremades, adviser, Avian Department

"Loud, flamboyant & fun! Beware world for Pam’s takeover!"
Mas, Birds of Prey Shows

"She’s so…pretty"
Nanjie, Retail

"Simply SSSSSSssexy, those eyes…wow!!! very attractive and energetic!”
Nicholas, Photography Team

“I miss her presence the most. She is so lively, full of life and fun, a strong personality, very charismatic, never boring! I can talk with her endlessly-she seems never at a loss for words, ideas and topics, no age gap, nor barriers. really knowledgeable and above all a truly classy lady.”
Nicholas, Intern-Avian Hospital

“She’s the Diiiiivah with the FeeeeVah!”
Nick, A & P

“Very demanding, weird sense of dressing, but very professional & efficient in her job. Keeps everyone on their toes always, fast and always willing to share information. A delight to work with!”
Nisham, Birds of Prey Shows

“She’s captivating even the first time, very attractive, colourful and full of charm, once you know her..very positive and energetic and you like her even more.!”
Norman, Avian

“Always call people Darling, including me! I really feel happy! Makes me laugh always, easy to get along with, She has no airs and never show rank with people.” -
Peter, Avian Department (Lory Loft & Window on Paradise)

“I miss Pamela, she’s fun, always cheerful, colourful, very inspiring and pretty too!!"
Phillip, Birds n Buddies Show

"She’s got a lot of rapport with the staff of all levels, and always looks into the interest of the park."
Raja Segran, BirdShows

"Energetic and persuasive perfectionist to meet standards for the good of the park!"
Rashid, Birds n Buddies Show

"Very beautiful, always cheerful at work. I like her very much."
Rohaya, Ticketing

"She makes things happen. It’s always a lot of laughter with her."
Roslee, Maintenance

“Straightforward. Initially looks “cheem” or sophisticated in her dressing & style of talking but actually very “down to earth”. I miss her voice, even if she is not around, it seems to come first to my imagination.”
Saad, Birds n Buddies Show

"A lot of laughter, she’s funny, down to earth but requires standards to be met."
Sadali, Hornbill Exhibit

"Friendly, cheerful and full of confidence,"
Sanyi, Finance

“She’s really beautiful…and very friendly too,”
Shah, Birds of Prey Shows

"Always happy, cheerful and she’s so beautiful."
Sew Tee, Ticketing

"She bears no grudges, open and direct."
Shock Chien, Finance

"She’s friendly, trendy, always cheerful and positive. She is like a sunshine even on a busy day."
Stephanie, F & B

" Very friendly, PR skills are excellent, always sharing and very confident."
Sze Huey, Finance

"She is like family to us. Always smiling, and close to us all. I like her so much and miss her a lot too."
Sulav, F & B

" Very nice person, works very hard, always nice to the crowd, very loving."

" Amazing experience, you learn so much, a dream for any marcom student. Outspoken, always cheerful, soooo passionate about work."
Uddin, Intern

"Lively & exciting, a whole new experience! She’s demanding but understanding too!"
Vanessa Chee, Operations

"Pamela has been a great teacher & mentor to me! There is simply so much to learn from her."
Vanessa Chng, Intern

"She’s a troubleshooter, highly creative, skillful salesperson and very hardworking."
Vanessa Khong, Marketing

"She was my x-boss in A & P, extremely fun & helpful person! Worked with every successful event with her. She has a good heart."
Vijay, Operations

“ So energetic and always full of life, great to work with,”
Wan Ping, Operations

“Ssoooo very pretty! I like the quality of her work, fast, focused and set very high standards. Very strict at work but off duty—she is a real friend who can unwind and laugh with me, really fun to work with. No age gap!”
Wei Kiat, Intern

"Outspoken, committed to a task, very upfront and down to earth."
Xiaoyi, Horticulture

"Very outgoing, loud and friendly person. Wherever she goes, even before she arrives, I can smell her perfume, really very great and unusual scent."
Yana, Retail

"From her I learned to work and have fun at the same time, one of the greatest moments of my life."
Yogesh, Intern

Beautiful Bosses

Working with people is a challenge. Working with good bosses is truly a miracle. Most management tells you it’s not easy to find a good staff nowadays…for me while working with good organization, I’ve come to conclude….working with a really good mentor is not an easy find. You are lucky to find a handful. I have been blessed! Here are some bosses I find a marvel to work with, while the style varies, they have helped me in my efforts to manage..

Daisy Ling
She’s meticulously detailed, organised and very much ahead of time. Always ready to listen, guide and support. A powerhouse troubleshooter. Very much a friend, adviser and focused. Never condescending, always giving. Careful, deliberate and a high achiever!! She’s able to bring out the best in everyone. With her, you don’t need to be challenged; you feel the need to perform your best because she believes in you!
Stars **********

Lim Cher Hui
A powerhouse of simplicity. Very nurturing. Skillful and subtle. She’s honest, cheerful and always ready to understand. Organised and determined to achieve. She appreciates your efforts big and small. Never too demanding, nor too easy..you have to be always "on the ball."
Stars **********

Dr Cheng Wen Haur
Articulate, intelligent, very open to new ideas. He’s got heaps of humour, class and able to grasp my brain wave. He’s encouraging and brings talents to higher level.
Stars **********

Places in my Heart (at the BirdPark)

I love….the Shoebill! so outrageously gorgeous. My fave is Boris, but that’s not even his name. Despite his aloof aura, he appeals so much to me because he has unusual habits and everytime I call his name, he acknowledges.

I love …the Snowy Owl! This pure white beauty is truly a marvel to see at the World of Darkness. I love the large, smoky eyes so alluring. Their white feathers evoke memories of my snow and ski experience years ago in Europe.


I love Penguins!! I adore Penguins. They look really cute when they walk in that familiar small steps, rocking from left to right with every step. My special fave is Pinky. Truly sociable Penguins never fail to draw admiration from visitors.

I love the Tees!

I just love collecting the BirdPark Tee-shirts. I have most of them, and once a new one is displayed at Feathers Gift Shop, I end up buying all of them. Hmm wonder why they’ve never asked me to model them.


My Favourite Job?

Look, I have a tough time answering this, my fave job is practically every job I do. I love music, so I performed for years, traveled for years to sing, write music for commercials and clients, lecture, write for newspapers, act in theatre, conduct training, plan advertising and marketing communications campaigns, showhosting shows and so much more.. it’s a wide world out there..no one can really kill talent because it is invincible… one should harness their skills and do what your heart tells you to do.. at this stage in my life.. I am doing that exactly…