Pamela feels…
“If I were to become an actress, I know that I can become a good one. Acting is purely giving, sharing and really calling your inner senses to bring out your rawness, the evil side of you, the coy and perky someone else, or even the most angelic character ever. Acting allows you the freedom to become another person, and yet you can be handsomely paid for it.”

“I prefer the theatre than being on film. There is an unpredictable outcome with every theatrical performance and you will always anticipate this with some element of thrill. One show, you can be excellent, yet in another you can become mediocre…this to me is challenging…keeping it up, never knowing how the audience will take your every performance. But, I know inside of me, I can always become better after every performance and this to me is the impetus of being a theatre actress…”

Theatre Show Date of Performance
“Dinner with Neil Simon” Plaza Suite
(Ms McCormick/Mimsy)
June 3,4, 10 & 11, 1983
(Tuxedo Junction, Philippines)

An adaptation of Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite, the play was presented as a dinner show cum theatre treat. Tuxedo Junction’s owner then was Marlinda Angbetic-Tan, one of Cebu’s favourite Arts personality. A comedy, Pamela played the “silent” Mimsy wearing a wedding gown throughout the show. The other half sees Pamela as the secretary Ms McCormick. Here, Pamela displays her quick tongue and wit persona.

The show was a huge success.

Executive Producer :
Allan Jayme Rabaya
Director :
Lina Davide-Ong
The Cast :

Karen Nash : Menchu Angbetic-Alfon
Sam Nash : Alexander Lee
Norma Hubley : Marlinda Angbetic-Tan
Roy Hubley : Antonio Alavarez
Ms McCormick/Mimsey : Pamela Pilapil
Waiter : Rey Ouano Sanguyo
Bellhop/Michael : Michael Go
Theatre Show Date of Performance
“Interactions” on Love
(Readings on Love Poetry)
April 24, 1983
(Tuxedo Junction, Philippines)

“Heart Talk”
An evening filled with Love Poetry and Music presented by 6 talented personalities in the entertainment and arts scene.

The Cast :

Delia Alino-Villacastin
Alyce Kintanar Queblatin
Al Claude Evangelio
Alexander Lee
Pamela Pilapil
Nick Ampatin
Theatre Show Date of Performance
“Taym Pa”
November 10,11 & 12, 1989
(STC Auditorium, Philippines)

The story is an adaptation of the English classic “Everyman.” Presented in Cebuano, Pamela plays Bahandi(wealth), together with other characters who represent the avarice, greed and dark side of humanity. Pamela creates a dynamic Bahandi, dressed in gold, from head to toe.

Playwright and Director :
Rudy U. Aviles
Artistic Consultant :
Orlando Magno
(well known Filipino Stage Director)
The Cast :

Kamatayan : Salvador Malto
Tawo : Jules Cirunay, Franz Fernan
Igsoon : Anna Lee Loquinario
Kadugo : Jonathan Tayco
Kasina : Mae Seno
Kahidlaw : Queenie Sanchez
Tapulan : Franz Villalonga
Bahandi : Pamela Pilapil
Bahandi’s Alipores : Jose Venancio Ramirez, Rene Paquibot, Salvador Malto
Cho-Cho Girls : Domino Alfafara, Karen Barte, Iris Castillo, Raymil Nava, Christine Agdon, Rowena Rebuyas
Musicians: Prezzure (Pamela’s Band)
Theatre Show Date of Performance
“Snoopy, the Musical”
(Peppermint Patty)
June 3,4,5(2 shows) & 6, 1993
(Raffles Jubilee Hall, Singapore)

Pamela performs with selected Singaporeans for the Broadway Musical Snoopy. The musical is based on the Charles M Schulz cartoon-strip characters. An MP Entertainment offering for the International Arts Season 1993.

Director :
Gene Persson
*American Director Gene Persson produced the original Broadway version.
The Cast :

Snoopy : Richard Chia
Linus : Jasmin Samat (Act 3)
Sally : Kit Chan (now, recording star)
Lucy : Jo Chan
Peppermint Patty : Pamela Wildheart
Theatre Show Date of Performance
“A Singapore Carol” by Desmond Sim
(VOICE of Pamela Wildheart)
December 8, 9 & 10, 1994
Matinee: December 10 & 11
(Victoria Theatre, Singapore)

Popular Singaporean Playwright Desmond Sim presents a timely play filled with Christmas love. At S $200,000 (Singapore dollars), this production is considered the most expensive ‘straight” dramatic play presented in Singapore. A grand play from Singapore Repertory Theatre.

*Pamela lends her popular RADIO VOICE in one scene.

Director :
Remesh Panicker
Tony Petito
Music Composer & Arranger :

John Sharpley
Theatre Show Date of Performance
“Top of the World” by The Necessary Stage
(Tina—Stage Mother character)
August 25, 26 & 27, 1995
Matinee: August 26
(Victoria Theatre, Singapore)

A comedy written by Shell-NAC Arts Scholar Haresh Sharma, fresh from his MA course at Birmingham. The play is star-studded and is described as a “lethal concoction of wit, humour and entertainment with touching and sincere look at the intricacies of human relationships.

Director :
Alvin Tan
The Cast :

Devi : Rani Moorthy
Priya : Daisy Irani
Lavika : Alin Mosbit
Tina (Lavika’s mother) : Pamela Wildheart
Swallow Swallow : Low Kah Wei
Krishna Bhatt : Abdulatiff
Theatre Show Date of Performance
“The Owl & the Pussycat” by Daisy Irani Productions
(Music Director)
October 12,13,14,15, 1995
(Substation, Singapore)

The play is a fast, sexy, and funny Broadway comedy adaptation from Bill Manhoff. The exciting combination of 2 great performers made this play a truly hilarious presentation.

Director :
John Widelock
The Cast :

Doris : Daisy Irani-Subaiah
Felix : John Widelock
Crew : Associate Producers : Arva Rangwala, Sakina Dhilawala
Music : Pamela “Wildheart”