All About Me!

My birthday… August 9
My star…Leo
Unusual things about me.. Am born on Singapore’s National Day and I live in Singapore

I love… happy and positive people
I hate…grumpy and complaining people especially in the morning, bad luck!
I can’t easily forgive…liars and hypocrites

I can’t…. drive at all nor want to learn
I use 90% taxis everyday rarely buses
I wont take liquor at all
I do not like smoking anywhere

My biggest asset… my ability to laugh at myself and learn easily from my flaws
My terrible waterloo… my temper
My strength…. My ability to forgive easily and forget happily

I’m afraid of. …watching horror films alone
I’m superstitious about…mirrors and mirrors
My biggest fear…to lose someone I love so very much
I do not fear…being onstage or singing to zillions of people

I get turned on by…intelligent and humorous charmers
I get turned off by…unhygienic men, gosh let me out
My sex appeal…my natural and upfront spontaneity and energy
My wildest fantasy… lost in space with my man, no time, and no deadlines
I love him because… he understands me best and allows me to be me!
I hate him sometimes because.. He arranges my things in my bags! Grrrr! And re-formats my computer

I eat….lots of everything!
I drink…. water, pure and freshly squeezed fruit juice, Horlicks, Milo and Choco drink
My occasional weakness… black chocolates and ice cream
I crave for jackfruit, cherries, mango and usually yellow fruits

My hero… my father
My passion…work, music, books, movies, sewing, painting
I visit….libraries and museums, shopping malls and street markets, cultural sites and cinemas, churches and universities

My greatest necessity… make-up kit with everything I need to survive
My favourite possession…my guitars, lots of coloured boots, few thousand earrings, CDS, coloured necklaces, hundreds of coloured & designer stockings, DVDs, scarves, books and yep my platinum card…

I don’t… easily forget friendship and tire easily
I can do. almost anything for a friend
I cannot understand why being married makes men and women lesser best friends
I think men are easier and fun buddies than women anytime
What tires me most… people who do not enjoy anything
What energizes me… loving, caring, giving, sharing, everything new!
What touches me most… real, honest people and small thoughtful gestures, they get straight to my heart…

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